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Name Champe, Flavia (Waters), 1902-1992
Born April 3, 1902
Birthplace Lincoln, Nebraska
Places of residence Nebraska, Lincoln
Father Waters, George Leland, 1870-1947
Mother Waters, Ida Augusta (Parsons), 1875-1951
Education Graduated from Lincoln High in 1919.
Bachelor of arts degree from UNL in 1940.
In 1986 received honorary doctorate degree in humane letters from UNL.
Notes Began dancing at 10 years old, learning first steps in Lincoln's YWCA. Performed in many recitals.

The manuscript Innocents on Broadway originally called Mother, Dearie, was a collection of letters to her mother written during 1921 and 1924 in Vaudeville where she was a Portia Mansfield dancer. This was the when she met her husband to be. He was a concert violinist.
Occupation From 1921-1924 Flavia was a member of a troupe of barefoot classical dancers in a vaudeville act called "Maryon Vadie, Ota Gygi and the Portia Mansfield dancers." Group was active in the 1920's, travelling from coast to coast, from Texas to Canada, often performing 3 times a day, 7 days a week. Appearing barefoot and in short skirts, the dancers were considered scandalous.

Dance teacher at her "School of Dance" in Lincoln from 1924-1978.
Publications "The Matachines Dance of the Upper Rio Grande-History, Music and Choreography" published by U of Nebraska Press.

"Innocents on Broadway"
Relationships John Champe (died in 1978). They were married December 27, 1924.
Spouse Champe, John Leland, 1895-1978
Deceased October 6, 1992
Deceased where Lincoln, Nebraska

Associated Records

Image of RG0771.AM - RG0771 Davis, Bette (Rathburn), 1920-1997

RG0771.AM - RG0771 Davis, Bette (Rathburn), 1920-1997

This collection consists of one box and two volumes of manuscript material arranged in two series: 1) scrapbooks, 1926-1946; and 2) Miscellany. This material relates primarily to the dance and dramatic performances of Betty Rathburn and her sister, Lois and to the social life she led at the University of Nebraska in the late 1930's and early 1940's. The Scrapbooks of series one trace Betty Rathburn's performances as a dancer and actress during the late 1920's and early 1930's. Miss Rathburn was a student of Flavia Waters Champe during this period. Material relating to Miss Rathburn's years at the University of Nebraska is also included, particularly items pertaining to social events in

Image of RG0881.AM - RG0881 Champe-Woodley letters

RG0881.AM - RG0881 Champe-Woodley letters

The collection consists of letters (typescripts) of Mabel Abbie Parsons Woodley which she sent to her cousin, Flavia (Waters) Champe. The letters date from January 1, 1961 to February 17, 1973, and were written from Oregon and Indiana. In the letters she describes life in the Malcolm, Nebraska, area, and Wheeler County, Nebraska. She also describes her life in Minnesota, North Dakota, Oregon and Indiana. Woodley writes about the family history and genealogy of the Parsons, Waters, Woodley and Meade families, dating back to 1868 in McHenry, Illinois. The letters discuss homesteading, tree claims, social life, religious beliefs, health, etc. Interspersed through the letters are drawings

Image of 13160-11-(1) - Dress, Dance Costume of Lois Rathburn

13160-11-(1) - Dress, Dance Costume of Lois Rathburn

Red sateen fabric dress with very full skirt. Forty yards of fabric are said to be included in the skirt and eighty yards of gold ribbon. There are two stripes of gold ribbon around the hem of the skirt. There are also bands of gold ribbon around the waist and sleeves. The skirt has two layers. The front of the bodice has diamond shaped metal pieces sewn to it. The pieces are different colors (blue, red, green, purple, gold, silver) and some of them are mirrored.

Image of 8453-238-(1-2) - Dress; Dance Costume; Flavia Champe; Nebraska; 1940s

8453-238-(1-2) - Dress; Dance Costume; Flavia Champe; Nebraska; 1940s

Homemade pink dance costume. Made of 2 shades of pink cotton batiste. Short flutter style sleeves. V shaped neckline. Smocked waistband. Mid-Calf Length. Metal zipper on side. Has a satin ribbon sash. No tags or labels.

Image of RG2001.PH000001-000015 - Print, Photographic

RG2001.PH000001-000015 - Print, Photographic

Flavia Waters Champe sitting on a window seat with her cat, Rowdy. She is wearing a blouse with a blazer over it paired with a skirt.

Image of RG2001.PH000001-000017 - Print, Photographic

RG2001.PH000001-000017 - Print, Photographic

Flavia Waters Champe playing golf wearing a tutu at the Lincoln County Club at the Pow Wow Party.

Image of RG2001.PH000008-000028 - Print, Photographic

RG2001.PH000008-000028 - Print, Photographic

Betty May Swanson dressed as a bunny for a Flavia Waters Dance Studio recital

Image of RG2001.PH000008-000458 - Print, Photographic

RG2001.PH000008-000458 - Print, Photographic

Janice Gable from the Flavia Waters Dance Studio dressed in a bunny ballet costume

RG2145.PH - Collection, Photograph

William Clark and Meriwether Lewis began their westward trip on the Missouri River in 1804. This collection consists of many photographs of sites and monuments commemorating the expedition through what is now the state of Nebraska. This collection comprised of fifty-eight photographic prints showing painted portraits of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, as well as photographs of monuments and statues commemorating the expedition and the people involved. Many photographs show places at which the party camped and places of historical importance to the journey in Nebraska.