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Name Crittenden, Cornelia Williams, 1895-1959
Born May 14, 1895
Birthplace Duluth, Minnesota
Places of residence Nebraska (Lancaster), Lincoln
Father Charles Gifford Crittenden
Mother Marian Elizabeth Brown
Notes The Crittenden family moved to Omaha, Nebraska in 1895 and then to Lincoln, Nebraska in 1900. Charles Crittenden was the president of Crittenden Granary Company in Lincoln. Cornelia attended Lincoln High School from 1907 to 1910 and Abbott Academy in Andover, Massachusetts from 1910 to 1913. In 1913 she entered the University of Nebraska and graduated with a bachelors degree in 1918. From 1918 to 1926 she worked as an assistant professor of modern languages at the University of Nebraska. During this time she took additional classes at the University of Nebraska and received her masters degree in 1926. From 1926 to 1947, Cornelia Crittenden taught Spanish in the modern languages department at Kansas State College in Manhattan, Kansas. After she retired, she returned to Lincoln, Nebraska. Cornelia Williams Crittenden died on September 15, 1959 and is buried at Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln.
Deceased Sept 1959
Deceased where Lincoln, Nebraska

Associated Records

Image of RG0796.AM - RG0796 Crittenden, Cornelia Williams, 1895-1959

RG0796.AM - RG0796 Crittenden, Cornelia Williams, 1895-1959

The materials in this collection relate to Cornelia Williams Crittenden and various family members. Of particular interest are Cornelia Crittenden's reminiscences of her University days. Other items include a few pieces of family correspondence, genealogical materials, legal papers, and newspaper articles. Negatives of family photographs have been transferred to the Photograph collections.

Image of 9063-11-(1-2) - Moccasins, Sioux, Cross

9063-11-(1-2) - Moccasins, Sioux, Cross

Adult moccasins made of leather with hard sole and decorated with glass beads. The leather is cut in a straight inside line to toe with a split back and slanted cuff. Leather thong laces wrap around the ankle through slits in the skin. The moccasins are decorated with glass beads in colors of cerulean blue, red white hearts, dark blue, yellow, light green, and white. Bead rows are placed around the base of the foot and up the seam of the back. The instep is decorated with a cross with geometric designs on the arms of the cross. Two triangle shapes extend from the edges of the tongue, flanking the top arm of the cross. Six design units of three squares in alternating colors are found in the bo

Image of 9063-15 - Blanket Strip, Beaded, Geometric; Red, White, Blue

9063-15 - Blanket Strip, Beaded, Geometric; Red, White, Blue

Beaded blanket strip made of long leather strip with 4 round medallion shapes. The beadwork is stitched directly to the leather using sinew and lazy stitch. The beads used are white, red white hearts and blue. The design is features 4 medallions with red and blue crossed triangular shapes separated by blue bars, red triangular outlines with small blue triangles at their tips.The geometric shapes are made of colored beads against a white beaded background.

Image of 9063-16 - Hair Ornament, Horse Hair; Quill; Mirror with Girl's Photo

9063-16 - Hair Ornament, Horse Hair; Quill; Mirror with Girl's Photo

Hair ornament with quillwork, long leather fringe and small round mirror with photograph of girl inserted. Main part of ornament is long rectangular piece of leather decorated with red, white and yellow quillwork. The edges of the leather are trimmed with blue glass beads. Long thin pieces of leather wrapped with quillwork and tipped with tin cones with purple, green and red feathers, extend from main leather section. Rows of brass metal beads strung on leather strips at top of ornament. Small metal mirror is attached to very top of ornament. Mirror has metal edges, glass front and cardboard back. The reflective material on mirror has been removed and a small black and white photograph of a C

Image of 9063-17 - Horn, Buffalo, W/ Quill; Tourist

9063-17 - Horn, Buffalo, W/ Quill; Tourist

Dark blackish brown buffalo horn decorated with wide band of quill wrapped rawhide tassels. The inside of the horn is rough, with many ridges. The opening of the horn has a thin strip of yellow woven wool fabric attached to it. A band of rawhide hangs from the yellow wool. The rawhide is cut into thin fringes, with each fringe wrapped in quill. The quillwork colors are red, yellow and blue. Each quill covered fringe has a tin cone attached to its tip with pinkish cotton cord. Tufts of red horsehair fill the centers of each tin cone. A thin leather handle is attached to the top of the horn. Three strips of quill wrapped leather are attached to the tip of the horn. Probably made for the touris

Image of 9063-20-(1) - Beads; Glass; Handblown; 10; Wire Strung

9063-20-(1) - Beads; Glass; Handblown; 10; Wire Strung

10 handblown glass beads on a strand of flexible wire. Beads are clear class, with white, red and blue specks on them.

Image of 9063-20-(2) - Beads, Clay; Yellow and Green; Wire Strung

9063-20-(2) - Beads, Clay; Yellow and Green; Wire Strung

10 yellow clay beads strung on a piece of wire. Beads are made of yellow clay (looks like an older version of modern polymer clay) and have red and white swirls and green specks mixed into the clay. The beads are small tube shapes, with small holes in the centers.

Image of 9063-22 - Bag; Beaded, Floral

9063-22 - Bag; Beaded, Floral

Small U shaped leather bag with beadwork, fringe and drawstring closure. The front of the bag has beadwork attached in a geometric floral motif that looks like three upside down flowers attached at the base of their stems. Beads used in the design are white, red, pink and dark blue. The back of the bag has a beaded leaf design. The leaf is outlined in pale blue beads and has small rows of yellow and red beads inside of it. Each tip of the leaf has green and black beads at decorating it. Beadwork is lazy stitched and appears to be attached with sinew.