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Name Danker, Donald Floyd, 1922-2005
Born 10/07/1922
Birthplace Franklin County, Nebraska
Father Danker, Guy Edward, 1900-1968
Mother Danker, Bessie Elizabeth (Kinney), 1896-
Spouse Danker, Emma Elizabeth (Conway), 1922-2004
Deceased 02/14/2005
Deceased where Topeka, Kansas

Associated Records

Image of RG0828.AM - RG0828 Buck, Nelson, -1869

RG0828.AM - RG0828 Buck, Nelson, -1869

The collection is comprised of papers that relate to the massacre of the Nelson Buck survey party in 1869 in Red Willow and/or Furnas Counties. Relatives, Nebraska State Historical Society staff, journalists, and other interested researchers (Maria A. Cross (niece of Buck), A.M. Brooking, H.B. McGregor, George L. Berger to name a few) piece together the story through correspondence and reports written based on research or firsthand accounts. The material dates from 1912-1959. Attached to the 1959 letter written to Donald Danker by Kenneth Kauffman are two maps: "Location of First Indian Attack on Nelson Buck Party in Fall of 1869"; and "Location of Second and Third Attacks on Nelson Buck Part

Image of RG0872.AM - RG0872 Carmody, Arthur, 1899-1987

RG0872.AM - RG0872 Carmody, Arthur, 1899-1987

The materials in the Carmody collection relate to Arthur Carmody's interest in the history of frontier life in Nebraska, as well as folklore or stories related to families and incidents of the pioneer time period. The collection consists primarily of correspondence between Carmody and several informants familiar with the stories and histories of Nebraska settlers. The collection is arranged in three series: 1) Correspondence from William Shelley; 2) Miscellaneous Correspondence; and 3) Miscellaneous. Series 1 contains correspondence with William Shelley, a pioneer and amateur historian. It relates mainly to the history of Frontier County and especially to the Ballantine Family. Series 2

Image of RG0948.AM - RG0948 Donnell, Amos Edwin, 1859-1921

RG0948.AM - RG0948 Donnell, Amos Edwin, 1859-1921

This collection contains the edited letters written by Amos Edwin Donnell and his wife, Ettie, of Sherman County, Nebraska, to their family in Missouri. The letters date from 1884-1888 and in them Donnell describes his life as a homesteader; of finding a wife; financial matters; and the railroad coming to Loup City, Nebraska. There are also letters (1959-1960) written by Charles Wilkerson, Donald Danker, W.D. Aeschbacher, Max Wall, and Meroe Owens discussing additional Donnell family history, including some land record information along with suggestions on editing the letters for publication. A newspaper clipping tribute to Donnell, who died October 14, 1921, is also included.

Image of RG1001.AM - RG1001 Fontenelle, Logan, 1825-1855

RG1001.AM - RG1001 Fontenelle, Logan, 1825-1855

The collection contains biographical information and eulogies for Logan Fontenelle. Some genealogical information about the Fontenelle Family is also given, along with detailed writings concerning the location of Logan Fontenelle's grave. Of significance are two papers that describe Fontenelle's life and personality, and his importance to the Omaha Indians. The first paper is a eulogy by John Lee Webster. The second paper entitled, "Death of Logan Fontenelle, The Chief of the Omahas," is by John Q. Goss. Also included in the collection are a couple of items that question the purported facts written about Fontenelle. The first item is a letter to the editor of the Omaha Bee by John T. Bell. Th

Image of RG1008.AM - RG1008 Carrington, George Dodd, 1879-1969

RG1008.AM - RG1008 Carrington, George Dodd, 1879-1969

This collection consists of one item, a scrapbook compiled by George Carrington. The scrapbook is composed almost entirely of letters received from various individuals. Also included are a few newspaper clippings, photographs and other ephemera. The materials date from 1916-1968. A name index to the scrapbook was provided by Carrington.

Image of RG0014.PH000140-000005 - Print, Photographic

RG0014.PH000140-000005 - Print, Photographic

A portrait of Donald F. Danker, an archivist at the Nebraska State Historical Society.

Image of RG0014.PH000140-000009 - Print, Photographic

RG0014.PH000140-000009 - Print, Photographic

Researchers and staff in the Nebraska State Historical Society newspaper reading room include Archivist Donald F. Danker (left) and Newspaper Librarian Elizabeth Radtke (standing at right).

RG1042.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection consists of materials relating to the life and work of Nebraska Poet Laureate John G. Neihardt. The collection contains materials by and about Neihardt, including the second half of his unpublished autobiography; many recordings of Neihardt reading from his own work; portraits and candid photographs of Neihardt and family; and materials from the Neihardt Conference and annual Neihardt Day. This collection consists of portraits of Neihardt and photographs of his wife, Mona, and his daughters, Neihardt with friends and notable people receiving awards, Mona and her sculpted bust of Neihardt, relatives, and residences. The photographs range from the 1890s-1970s. Also included a