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Name Freeman, Minnie
Othernames Penney, Mrs. Edgar
Notes On January 12, 1888, a legendary blizzard across the northern Plains resulted in a great loss of livestock and human life. Minnie Freeman was teaching school in a sod house near Ord when the blizzard struck. After the roof of the school was blown off, Minnie tied the hands of her thirteen pupils together and led them through the blinding storm to safety. News of her heroism spread far and wide, resulting in national newspaper accounts and even a song about the event.
Spouse Penney, Edgar

Associated Records

Image of RG1031.AM - RG1031 Freeman, Minnie Mae

RG1031.AM - RG1031 Freeman, Minnie Mae

This collection consists of two items. The first item is a newspaper clipping entitled, "Minnie Mae Freeman: The Brave Heroine of the Blizzard," which tells of Freeman's efforts to rescue school children during the 1888 blizzard. The second item is a letter written by Freeman from St. Paul, Nebraska, to her friend, Anna Bell, at Mira Creek, Nebraska. The letter is dated November 17, 1887.

Image of 7431-1 - Doll; Cloth; Woman; Minnie Freeman

7431-1 - Doll; Cloth; Woman; Minnie Freeman

Cloth doll made in the likeness of Minnie Freeman, Blizzard of 1888 Heroine. Red curly hair with painted face, tan dress with brown beads.

Image of 8731-50 - Sheet Music, Thirteen Were Saved; Song, Great Blizzard 1888, Nebr. Minnie Freeman

8731-50 - Sheet Music, Thirteen Were Saved; Song, Great Blizzard 1888, Nebr. Minnie Freeman

Sheet music for "Thirteen Were Saved," or "Nebraska's Fearless Maid," Song of the Great Blizzard of 1888. Nebr. The cover has an illustration of a woman holding child in snow storm, tied to 5 other children. Published by Lyon and Healy, Chicago, Illinois.

RG2063.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection relates to the Lakota Sioux tribe that lived in northwest Nebraska and parts of South and North Dakota. The collection consists mostly of photographic prints and postcards. Many of the images relate to life on reservations and to the interaction between Native Americans and Euro-Americans. This collection consists of 685 photographic prints and postcards relating to Lakota Indians. Included are many photographs of Chief Red Cloud and his family, from the lat 1800s to around the time of his death in 1909; images from an 1868 treaty council at Fort Laramie, Dakota Territory, with individuals identified; photographs of Indian camps, agencies, missions, and schools; images show

Image of RG2063.PH000018-000004 - Postcard

RG2063.PH000018-000004 - Postcard

This is part of the shooting contest with bow and arrow at the dedication of the Crazy Horse monument at Fort Robinson. In the photo are: Flies Above, Howard Dodd and Crow Flies. Several spectators can be seen in the background both seated and standing.

Image of RG3139.PH0-000137 - Negative, Sheet Film

RG3139.PH0-000137 - Negative, Sheet Film

Illustrated cover for sheet music about the Blizzard of 1888 : "Song of the Great Blizzard 1888 - ' Thirteen Were Saved ' or Nebraska's Fearless Maid" (Song and Chorus by William Vincent, Published by Lyon & Healy, Chicago, 1888) In the illustration, a young woman carries a child in her arms. She is leading other children through a blizzard and the children are connected to her by ropes around her waist. The caption identifies the woman as "Minnie Freeman, School Teacher and Heroine, Whose Pluck and good Judgment Exhibited during the Recent fearful Blizzard in the Myra Valley District, Nebraska, Saved the Lives of thirteen helpless little Children" (Original copies of sheet musi