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Name Red Cloud, 1822-1909
Othernames Mahpíya Lúta
Chief Red Cloud
Born 1822
Birthplace Nebraska
Father Ishna Witca, b. 1790
Mother Walks As She Thinks, b. 1774
Nationality Oglala Lakota
Spouse Pretty Owl (aka Mary Good Road and Pretty Woman)
Children Jack Red Cloud (their only son)
War Bonnet
Leading Woman
Plenty Horses
Charges at Him
Tells Him
Deceased Dec 10, 1909
Deceased where Pine Ridge Reservation

Associated Records

Image of RG0860.AM - RG0860 Appleton Family

RG0860.AM - RG0860 Appleton Family

This collection consists of correspondence to Hannah Appleton from her sons, Frank and Oliver, and her husband, Amos, describing their observations of and relations with Indians at the Red Cloud Agency in 1874. Of particular interest is Amos Appleton's account of the Indians cutting down the Agency flagpole. Also included is a diary kept by Frank Appleton (two entries, 1874) and, later, Maggie Appleton (Hannah's daughter). Frank was killed shortly after he made the second entry. Maggie describes a trip to Washington, D.C., with her uncle, Indian agent J.J. Saville, and several Sioux, including Red Cloud.

Image of RG1047.AM - RG1047 Olson, James Clifton, 1917-2005

RG1047.AM - RG1047 Olson, James Clifton, 1917-2005

This collection consists of manuscript material and index files arranged in two Subgroups. Subgroup 1: Writings; and Subgroup 2: Correspondence and Subject Files. These materials related to James Olson's time with the Nebraska State Historical Society as well as the University of Nebraska. The materials in Subgroup 1 are further divided into series which relate to the publication of <em>Red Cloud and the Sioux Problem</em>, <em>J. Sterling Morton</em>, the <em>History of Nebraska</em> and to various other writings, including articles, book reviews and speeches. Included are correspondence, research notes, and drafts of the manuscripts. Subgroup 2 consists of correspondence and subje

Image of RG1063.AM - RG1063 Wilson, Everett Pitt, 1868-1956

RG1063.AM - RG1063 Wilson, Everett Pitt, 1868-1956

This collection consists of 3 boxes of manuscript material arranged in five series: (1) Research Material, 1928-1934 (themes and manuscripts by students of Professor Wilson); (2) Correspondence, 1932-1944; (3) Addresses; (4) Pine Ridge Historical Association, 1938; and (5) Miscellany. The bulk of this collection relates to research projects done by students in Everett P. Wilson's history class at Chadron State Teachers College, Chadron, Nebraska. Much of the material relates to Western Nebraska history. It includes information on the counties and cities of Nebraska, ranches, the cattle industry, and a large amount of pioneer reminiscences.

Image of 10978-46 - Pectoral, German Silver; Engraved

10978-46 - Pectoral, German Silver; Engraved

Pectoral, nickel silver with hide suspension loop, engraved on front with a four point star and circle design. The reverse side has an engraved circle and line design. Shaped like a phoenix or bird with wings extended.

Image of 10978-48 - Spoon, Horn

10978-48 - Spoon, Horn

Spoon made of pale yellow and brown colored animal horn. Bowl is large, round and deep. Handle is curved backwards and is grayish brown at the handle.

Image of 11894-1 - Quilt, Morning Star,  "Red Clouds Comtemporary Robe"

11894-1 - Quilt, Morning Star, "Red Clouds Comtemporary Robe"

Morning Star or Lone Star Quilt. white background and white backing with maroon trim. The sing star is made of diamond pieces. Quilting patterns are quartered circles and bowties made of two triangles. Predominate colors are white, red, burgandy, purple, royal blue, green, rust. Hand pieced and hand quilted

Image of 13220-1-(8) - Print, Chief Red Cloud, from F.A. Rinehart's 1900 photograph

13220-1-(8) - Print, Chief Red Cloud, from F.A. Rinehart's 1900 photograph

This is a picture of Chief Red Cloud of the Sioux tribe. This picture has a red and white border. The red border has drawings on it. In the lower left corner there is a hawk. Up the left side is a peace pipe. Along the top there are two headdresses separated by two crossing spears. Down the right side is a ceremonial rattle. Chief Red Cloud has long black hair separated by dark green ribbon and a white and black feather on the back of his head. His tunic is brown with fringe and beaded artwork of indians and Indians on horses. His is holding a peace pipe and wearing a red scarf around his neck. Rinehart took this picture, but Marsden recreated it. From a Frank A. Rinehart photo that was repro

Image of 2018 - Cross, German Silver;

2018 - Cross, German Silver;

Silver cross with flared ends. Cross is flat and has a hook attached to the top. A fragment of cord is attached to the hook at the top of the cross. The front of the cross has the image of a Native American man etched on the front of it. The man is seated and wears a single feather headdress and holds a long pipe. A bundle of hatchets and swords decorates the lower end of the cross. The reverse side of the cross is inscribed with: "To Omaha Charlie from Red Cloud."

Image of 21-(A-B) - Pipe, Stone Bowl and Stem, Carved; Red Cloud

21-(A-B) - Pipe, Stone Bowl and Stem, Carved; Red Cloud

Pipe bowl and stem. Pipe bowl is made of dark red catlinite stone. T shaped with tapered anterior projection. The stem is made of wood and is carved with raised animal shapes. One side of the pipe has 2 turtle shapes and 2 horned buffalo or bull shapes. The reverse side has a fish shape and 2 unidentified shapes. The raised shapes are colored black. The rest of the stem is colored a dark reddish brown color. Both ends of the bowl are tapered.

Image of 9207-3-(1-2) - Leggings; Pair; Leather; Geometric Beadwork; Fringe

9207-3-(1-2) - Leggings; Pair; Leather; Geometric Beadwork; Fringe

One pair of men's leggings made of leather. Each legging is made from a rectangular piece of pale leather that has been folded in half. The hems and the sides of the leggings are cut into a fringe. The leggings are connected with leather thongs that pierce the leather and form part of the fringe. These connecting fringe follow the shape of the leg. A thin band of beadwork decorates the bottom hem of each legging. A wide strip of beadwork decorates the outer front edge of each legging. The beads used are red, white, green, blue and silver metallic. The beads are attached to the leather with sinew and lazy stitch. The beaded design is geometric and includes 5 triangle shapes on each leg. Each l

Image of 9207-4 - Shirt, Cloth; Leather Fringe; Hair; Beadwork; Geometric

9207-4 - Shirt, Cloth; Leather Fringe; Hair; Beadwork; Geometric

Men's shirt made of thick cream colored canvas cloth. Cloth resembles leather from a distance. Shirt has leather fringe sewn into bottoms of hem seams and hem. Front and back of shirt and sleeves is decorated with strips of beadwork that have been stitched to leather and then attached to shirt cloth. Beads are red, white, blue, orange and green. Bead shapes are geometric and feature triangle and bar shapes. The beads are sinew sewn with lazy stitch. Tufts of black human hair are attached to the front of the shirt. Hair is wrapped at the base with red cotton thread. The hair hangs from the bottoms of the sleeves and front sides.

Image of 9484-23-(A-B) - Moccasins, Sioux, Buffalo Tracks

9484-23-(A-B) - Moccasins, Sioux, Buffalo Tracks

Adult male moccasins made of leather with hard sole and decorated with glass beads. The leather is cut in a straight inside line to toe with a straight cut cuff with a cotton binding of cream flowers on a burgundy background. The binding is attached with dark brown thread. Leather thong laces wrap around the ankle through slits in the skin. An elongated V-shaped tongue is attached with sinew. The moccasins are decorated with glass beads in colors of medium blue, light green, red white hearts, and white. Two V-shaped areas of beads with a longitudinal dividing stripe named for their resemblance to buffalo tracks are on the instep. Two lightening bolt-type designs are found in both V-shaped are

Image of 9826-37 - Club, War; Fixed Stone; Leather Wrapped Handle

9826-37 - Club, War; Fixed Stone; Leather Wrapped Handle

Club with fixed stone head construction. Elliptical shaped head is made of beige colored stone and has small elongated peck marks on it. The stone has a strip of leather wrapped around the center and tied at the top of it with sinew and leather. The handle is a round wood stick covered with rawhide and stitched together with sinew. The base of the handle has a round leather loop on it. The leather loop has a twisted piece of wire attached to it.

Image of RG1227.PH000003-000002 - Print, Photographic

RG1227.PH000003-000002 - Print, Photographic

Group studio photograph. Clockwise from top left: Chief Knife, Jack Red Cloud (son of Red Cloud), Baptiste Garnier (Little Bat), and Chief Red Cloud.

Image of RG1227.PH000020-000011 - Print, Photographic

RG1227.PH000020-000011 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of the Genoa Indian School Band visiting the Pine Ridge Reservation. Red Cloud is at the center facing sideways with a cane.

Image of RG1227.PH000024-000001 - Print, Albumen

RG1227.PH000024-000001 - Print, Albumen

Studio photograph of Red Cloud, an Oglala Lakota leader and chief.

Image of RG1227.PH000024-000002 - Print, Photographic

RG1227.PH000024-000002 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of Red Cloud next to an unidentified man on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Image of RG1227.PH000024-000003 - Print, Photographic

RG1227.PH000024-000003 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of Red Cloud seated on a platform by the Blaine Hotel in Chadron, Nebraska.

Image of RG1227.PH000024-000004 - Print, Photographic

RG1227.PH000024-000004 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of Red Cloud seated next to his wife, Pretty Owl. An inscription on a copy of this image indicates that the print was made by I. R. McIntire from a negative made by the Northwestern Photographic Co. and loaned to him by Charles Eason.