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Name Roubideaux, Louis

Associated Records

Image of RG2064.PH000001-000016 - Print, Photographic

RG2064.PH000001-000016 - Print, Photographic

Otoe-Missouri Indians standing in front of a house and two little girls on horse back. From left to right: Ida Hartico Koshaway, Fannie Roubideaux, John R. Roubideux, (on horse) Theresa and Daisey Robideaux, and Louis Robideaux.

RG2969.PH - Collection, Photograph

John A. Anderson, born in Sweden in 1869, came to Cherry County, Nebraska, in 1884. Anderson took many photographs relating to people living on the frontier. This collection consists of photographs of Sioux Indians posing for formal portraits, performing traditional customs, and going about daily activities. This collection consists of 360 photographic prints and 322 glass negatives, mostly of Sioux Indians. Photographs include Sam Kills Two working on his winter count skin; being issued at the Rosebud Agency; a ceremonial Sun Dance Dog feast; and many other photographs depicting various activities and customs of the Sioux tribe. Also included are photos of Anderson and his family at their

Image of RG2969.PH000001-000001 - Negative, Glass Plate

RG2969.PH000001-000001 - Negative, Glass Plate

Group of Native American men at the Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota. Left to right, seated in front row: Thin Elk, Big Head, Picket Pin, Turning Bear, High Bear, Lance, High Pipe, High Hawk, Yellow Hair, Little Thunder, Bear Head, He Dog, Black Bull. Second row, standing: Louis Roubideaux (Interpreter), Whirlwind Soldier, Yellow Horse, Good Voice, White Crane Walking, Pretty Eagle, Ring Thunder, Stranger Horse, Quick Bear, Swift Bear, Poor Dog, Hollow Horn Bear, Crow Dog, Two Strike, Milk, Sky Bull, Stands and Looks Back, Bear Looks Behind, C.P. Jordan (trader). Third row, standing: Blue Eyes, Big Horse, Joe Good Voice. (The list is one name short for the number of men shown. It

Image of RG2969.PH000002-000045 - Negative, Glass Plate

RG2969.PH000002-000045 - Negative, Glass Plate

White Bear is advising his people to accept the Great White Father's offer to take the land in severalty. The official interpreter for the United States government was Louis Roubideaux. People line a fence, some holding umbrellas in the hot sun. Behind White Bear two American flags wave in the breeze.

Image of RG2969.PH000002-000205 - Negative, Glass Plate

RG2969.PH000002-000205 - Negative, Glass Plate

Louis Roubideaux stands by the doorway of a log cabin in this black and white photograph. A dog is standing next to him. Two women in long dresses are sitting on chairs in the dirt yard outside the cabin, and there is another dog near them. There are two large basins hanging from hooks on the wall of the cabin, and there is a cluster of wooden poles in the yard. The photograph was taken at the Rosebud Reservation. Louis Roubideaux was the official interpreter for the agency.