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Name Sitting Bull
Othernames Thathánka Íyotake
Sitting Bull the Good
Sitting Bull of the South
Born 1831 circa
Birthplace Grand River, Dakota Territory
Father Jumping Bear
Mother Her-Holly-Door
Nationality Hunkpapa Lakota
Notes Sitting Bull is recorded as having 4-5 wives during his life, typically living with two wives at a time.
Sitting Bull died in 1890 following an altercation with police at the Standing Rock Agency.
-Utley, Robert M. The Lance and the Shield: The Life and Times of Sitting Bull. 1st ed. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1993.
-Mooney, James. (Abridged version) The Ghost-Dance Religion and the Sioux Outbreak of 1890. Originally published as Part 2 of the Fourteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1892-93, Washington: GPO, 1896. Abridged version publication information: Edited by Anthony F. C. Wallace. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1965.
Relationships Big Foot (half brother)
White Bull (nephew)
Flying Hawk (nephew)
Annie Oakley (symbolically "adopted" daughter)
Spouse Light Hair, Four Robes, Snow-on-Her, Seen-by-her-Nation, Scarlet Woman
Children Standing Holy (only daughter)
One Bull (adopted son)
Crow Foot (son)
Many Horses (daughter)
Walks Looking (adopted daughter)
Deceased 1890 Dec 15
Deceased where Standing Rock Agency, South Dakota

Associated Records

Image of RG0883.AM - RG0883 Charbonneau, Alexis Merrill, 1850-1939

RG0883.AM - RG0883 Charbonneau, Alexis Merrill, 1850-1939

This collection is comprised of the reminiscences and stories of Alex Charbonneau, a purported descendant of Toussaint Charbonneau and Sacagawea. Dated August 14, 1933, the volume covers the time period of 1870s-1890s. Some of what is written is from firsthand knowledge, but a lot seems to come from secondhand information. He tells of his time as a stagecoach driver at Fort Pierre, South Dakota, 1881 or 1882, and other jobs he had. He also writes of Indian Wars (Little Big horn, Minnesota Massacre); Indian customs such as the Buffalo Dance, the Ghost Dance, and marriage customs; forts and Indian agencies, in particular the Cheyenne River Agency, South Dakota; cowboy life with mentions of a ca

Image of 11305-22 - Ornament; Beaded, Geometric

11305-22 - Ornament; Beaded, Geometric

Flat, beaded ornament made of woven beadwork. The beaded design is of a flower (a rose). The beads are predominately white, with transparent green and red beads forming the floral design. The bottom of the ornament is a fringe made of white, green and red beads. The top of the ornament has the end threads knotted together and tied with a pink silk ribbon.

Image of 2439 - Rifle, Percussion, Kentucky Style

2439 - Rifle, Percussion, Kentucky Style

Single shot, .36 Cal., percussion rifle. Single octagonal rifled bore barrel. Iron alloy lock mechanism. Copper alloy mountings. Iron alloy ramrod. Double set triggers. Civilian issue. No marks observed.

Image of 336 - Dress; Leather; Deer Tail; Beaded; Thimbles; Fringe

336 - Dress; Leather; Deer Tail; Beaded; Thimbles; Fringe

Women's dress made of deer hide leather and decorated with large trade beads and thimbles. The dress has full length sleeves. The undersides of the sleeves, the sides and hem are trimmed with long fringe. The hem of the dress flares out and has strips of leather attached to it to form tassels. Some of the leather fringe have fur still on the surface.The front and back shoulders of the dress are decorated with beadwork. The beads are large black and white beads that are attached in rows with lazy stitch and sinew. The neckline is edged with beads. The front and back necklines have deer tails attached to them. Fringe made of green tubular glass beads with brass thimbles decorate the front and t

Image of 57 - Pipe Bowl; T shaped; Catlinite; Sitting Bull

57 - Pipe Bowl; T shaped; Catlinite; Sitting Bull

Pipe bowl; catlinite, T shaped. Catlinite is dark red, with irregular pink coloration and white specks in portions. Long protruding anterior end. Each of the 3 points of the pipe have raised rings. Round in cross section. Interior is clean, with no blackening. ***Not Bristol***

Image of 72 - Pipe Bowl; Catlinite; T shaped

72 - Pipe Bowl; Catlinite; T shaped

Pipe bowl made of catlinite. Catlinite is dark red with pink flecks. Pipe is t shaped, with tapered anterior end. Bowl is round in cross section with blackened interior. Stem is missing.

Image of 7911-12-(1-2) - Pipe; Catlinite Bowl; Wood Stem

7911-12-(1-2) - Pipe; Catlinite Bowl; Wood Stem

Pipe; bowl and stem. Bowl is T shaped and made of dark red catlinite. Bowl has incised bands at all of the edges. The anterior end is tapered, with a double incised ring at the mid-section. The bowl is round in the cross-section and has a blackened interior. Bowl has a crude repair at joint. Stem is made of dark wood and has a diamond shape. Both ends of stem are tubular shaped, with end that fits into bowl being longer.

Image of 8073-76-(3) - Flier, Advertising Sitting Bull Postcard

8073-76-(3) - Flier, Advertising Sitting Bull Postcard

"Great Historical Post Card For Sale Here". Flier advertising Sitting Bull postcards sold by Richard Tanner.

Image of 9586-2-(1) - Dress, Buckskin, Pink, Beaded, Geometric, Floral

9586-2-(1) - Dress, Buckskin, Pink, Beaded, Geometric, Floral

Women's dress made of white buckskin leather. Dress is made in three sections. The top and bottom are linked by a 3" band located below the arms. The yoke and tops of the sleeves are fully beaded with geometric designs. The design features a red center bar shape intersected by 3 red tipped green bars. On both sides of this bar shape are two diamonds filled in with red, green and yellow beads. Each tip of the diamond has a blue triangle extending from it. On the outer edges of the diamond shape, there are a pair of squares made of dark purple/blue beads. These squares contain 3 bars of red beads. These shapes are arranged on a pink beaded background. The pink beadwork is outlined with light bl

Image of 9586-2-(2-3) - Leggings, Women's, Beaded; Pair

9586-2-(2-3) - Leggings, Women's, Beaded; Pair

Native tanned leggings made of rectangular pieces of leather. The leggings are long and designed to cover the leg between ankle and knee. The leggings are stitched into tube shapes, with opening slits at the top and bottoms. The seams of the leather are connected with sinew. The ankles close with leather strips, most of which are missing. The top opening does not have closures, but the edges of the leather have small needle holes in the edges, perhaps from a fabric binding or from closures. Wide bands of beadwork decorate the fronts of the leggings. The beaded design is geometric and features a row of diamonds connected by a band of beadwork and bordered with two thin lines of beadwork. The a

Image of RG1227.PH000007-000008 - Print, Albumen

RG1227.PH000007-000008 - Print, Albumen

Studio portrait of Sitting Bull, a Lakota Tribe chief. This image is a copy of a D. F. Barry photograph done by C. W. Carter.

Image of RG1227.PH000019-000008 - Print, Photographic

RG1227.PH000019-000008 - Print, Photographic

Studio portrait of Sitting Bull, a Hunkpapa Lakota chief.

RG2063.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection relates to the Lakota Sioux tribe that lived in northwest Nebraska and parts of South and North Dakota. The collection consists mostly of photographic prints and postcards. Many of the images relate to life on reservations and to the interaction between Native Americans and Euro-Americans. This collection consists of 685 photographic prints and postcards relating to Lakota Indians. Included are many photographs of Chief Red Cloud and his family, from the lat 1800s to around the time of his death in 1909; images from an 1868 treaty council at Fort Laramie, Dakota Territory, with individuals identified; photographs of Indian camps, agencies, missions, and schools; images show

Image of RG2063.PH000001-000002 - Print, Photographic

RG2063.PH000001-000002 - Print, Photographic

This shows Sitting Bull's two wives and his two daughters taken shortly after his death. They are standing in front of a wooden building, the doorway entrance is to the left in the photo.

Image of RG2063.PH000001-000003 - Print, Photographic

RG2063.PH000001-000003 - Print, Photographic

This shows Sitting Bull's two wives and two daughters posed in front of the log house in which he was killed. The entire building is in the view, and they are positioned near the front entrance.

Image of RG2063.PH000001-000005 - Print, Photographic

RG2063.PH000001-000005 - Print, Photographic

A man, presumed to be Sitting Bull, is seen addressing what appears to be agency and military officials and a crowd of Indians. This is presumed to be Standing Rock Agency in North Dakota.

Image of RG2063.PH000001-000019 - Print, Photographic

RG2063.PH000001-000019 - Print, Photographic

This is a studio portrait of Stands Holy, youngest daughter of Sitting Bull. She stands between two chairs and in front of a painted canvas backdrop. Her left hand is resting on the arm of a chair.

Image of RG2063.PH000001-000020 - Print, Photographic

RG2063.PH000001-000020 - Print, Photographic

This is a studio portrait of Crow Foot, son of Sitting Bull. He is wrapped in a blanket and stands next to a studio prop chair. He is in front of a painted canvas backdrop.

Image of RG2063.PH000001-000022 - Print, Photographic

RG2063.PH000001-000022 - Print, Photographic

This is a portrait of Sitting Bull. It is a head and shoulders view, showing pig tails and a feather. This is from a painting by C.S. Stobie. The photo is probably from David F. Barry in North Dakota.

Image of RG2063.PH000037-000005 - Print, Photographic

RG2063.PH000037-000005 - Print, Photographic

This is a studio portrait of Sitting Bull from the Hunkpapa Tribe of Lakota in South Dakota. He is seated, and stares at the camera. His hair is long and braided.