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Image of 13184-2 - Booklet, South Vietnam Policy

13184-2 - Booklet, South Vietnam Policy

Fourteen page booklet entitled, "SOUTH VIETNAM LIBERATION NATIONAL FRONT'S POLICY toward the OFFICERS and MEN in the US and ALIEN ARMY in South Vietnam". Below this title is an outline of a dove holding an olive branch. The booklet is printed in black ink. The paper on which the booklet is very thin and so words have been printed on only a single side of each page. A single staple binds the booklet. The pages of the booklet are numbered 1-13, starting with the second page.

Image of 13184-3 - Medal, Viet Minh

13184-3 - Medal, Viet Minh

Viet Minh medal attached to a ribbon. The medal is in the shape of a five-pointed star with a circle in the center. The circle has a red and white star with a flag in the center and below this reads, "CHIEN CONG GIAI PHONG". The medal is attached to a red and white ribbon with a single five-pointed star attached. The back of the ribbon has a pin that can be slid open and is held in place with a spring.

Image of 13184-4 - Plaque, Eric Umland

13184-4 - Plaque, Eric Umland

Wooden plaque with attached metal plates. The plaque itself is in the shape of a shield, with a rounded bottom that comes to a point and two "ears" on the top. The top plate, which is in the shape of a circle with an arc attached to the top and bottom, reads, "FORCE INTELLIGENCE NAVAL FORCES VIETNAM". The interior circle features a design with a large, black anchor and rope encircling a map of Vietnam, which is divided, the North being red and the South being yellow. In the upper left portion of the circle is a plane and in the bottom right is a boat. Light blue ghosts are coming out of both of these. The top of the circle reads, "SPOOKIN' THE CONG". Below the top plate is a rectangular plate

Image of 13184-5 - Boat, Model, Vietnamese

13184-5 - Boat, Model, Vietnamese

Wooden model sailboat with two large sails attached to masts at the front and middle of the boat. String and small pieces of wood or bamboo hold the sails in place. The boat itself is fairly narrow and higher on both ends than in the middle. On the deck are, from front to back, a spool of string suspended vertically and attached to a wooden anchor, two model sailors, a cabin area, and a third sailor. Each of the sailors is holding a piece of string or wood as though readying the ship for a voyage and attached to the deck by a single nail. The front and back of the boat have green trim on the upper portions, with eyes on the front. The boat also has a rudder. The back of the boat reads, "MADE