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Name Cherry County (Neb.)

Associated Records

Image of RG0721.AM - RG0721 Nebraska Farmer

RG0721.AM - RG0721 Nebraska Farmer

This material is arranged in one series: 1) Sod House letters, 1957-1958. It consists of letters to the Nebraska Farmer written by pioneers in 1957 and 1958, relating their experiences in the late 19th and early 20th Century. The letters were printed in a series titled, "I Lived In A Soddy," and relate primarily to building and living in sod houses. Correspondents also wrote about contemporary social and religious life; discussed farming experiences, including crops raised and yields obtained for different years; and other related aspects of agricultural life. For copies of the letters consult the "Sod House Letters" volume in the Library Collections.

Image of RG0732.AM - RG0732 Bixby, James Henry, 1858-1918

RG0732.AM - RG0732 Bixby, James Henry, 1858-1918

The collection consists of pages from a scrapbook relating to James H. Bixby, a teacher and rancher in Cherry County, Nebraska. The pages contain newspaper clippings and teacher's certificates. Various clippings relate to reunions of the "Bixby Club," composed of Bixby's former students.

RG2134.PH - Collection, Photograph

The Kinkaid Homestead Law of 1904 and the opening of the abandoned Fort Niobrara Military Reservation in late 1913 brought large numbers of people to the central plains of Nebraska. This collection contains photographs depicting the crowds that were drawn to the area for these events. This collection contains four photographic prints of large groups of people standing in line to acquire land. One shows the city street of Broken Bow, Nebraska, when it was still unpaved and muddy, ca.1913. Visible in the background are tents, buildings, and hopeful land owners waiting their turn to claim land. Of special interest is the photograph of Hazel Graham, the first woman to register at the Fort Niob

RG2229.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 240 photographs; Samuel Roy McKelvie was a writer, lawyer, rancher, and governor of Nebraska. His wife, Martha Groves McKelvie, was a writer and Hollywood movie columnist. This collection relates to their writing, ranching, and political life. This collection consists of photographic prints and negatives, 1913-ca.1950; mostly 1920s. Included are an album of photographs and clippings related to President Calvin Coolidge's visit with Samuel McKelvie and their fishing trip to South Dakota; an album related to ground-breaking ceremonies for the Nebraska State Capitol, and an album of famous Americans assembled by Martha Groves McKelvie. Among the photographs are images related to

RG2311.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection consists of photographs showing Fort Niobrara, Cherry County, Nebraska. The Fort operated from 1880 to 1906. This collection consists of photographic prints, 1880s-1928, 1960s; mostly 1880s-1905. Included are photographs showing bird's-eye views of Fort Niobrara; Fort Niobrara Falls; a wildlife refuge; officers' quarters; parade ground and barracks; and the interior of the canteen. There are also photographs of soldiers at the Fort, including soldiers on parade and soldiers posing in front of Fort Niobrara Falls with swords and guns.

RG2969.PH - Collection, Photograph

John A. Anderson, born in Sweden in 1869, came to Cherry County, Nebraska, in 1884. Anderson took many photographs relating to people living on the frontier. This collection consists of photographs of Sioux Indians posing for formal portraits, performing traditional customs, and going about daily activities. This collection consists of 360 photographic prints and 322 glass negatives, mostly of Sioux Indians. Photographs include Sam Kills Two working on his winter count skin; being issued at the Rosebud Agency; a ceremonial Sun Dance Dog feast; and many other photographs depicting various activities and customs of the Sioux tribe. Also included are photos of Anderson and his family at their

RG3465.PH - Collection, Photograph

6 photographs; Jason H. Cole was a settler in Cherry County, Nebraska. This collection relates to his family and his homestead. This collection consists of photographic prints, 1894-1913 and undated. Included are photographs of Jason H. Cole; his sons, Ray and Jay; and his brother, Robert. One photograph shows the aftermath of a 1913 blizzard in which numerous cattle perished. Of particular interest is a photograph of his homestead, which shows a sod corral and buildings.

RG3784.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection contains photographs of the Caryl Crowe family engaged in various outdoor activities. This collection consists of thirty-three photographic prints of the Caryl Crowe family. Included are photographs of hunting, fishing, and ranching near Hackberry Lake in Cherry County, Nebraska.