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Name Custer County (Neb.)

Associated Records

Image of RG0721.AM - RG0721 Nebraska Farmer

RG0721.AM - RG0721 Nebraska Farmer

This material is arranged in one series: 1) Sod House letters, 1957-1958. It consists of letters to the Nebraska Farmer written by pioneers in 1957 and 1958, relating their experiences in the late 19th and early 20th Century. The letters were printed in a series titled, "I Lived In A Soddy," and relate primarily to building and living in sod houses. Correspondents also wrote about contemporary social and religious life; discussed farming experiences, including crops raised and yields obtained for different years; and other related aspects of agricultural life. For copies of the letters consult the "Sod House Letters" volume in the Library Collections.

RG1076.PH - Collection, Photograph

Boone B. Hawthorne was a teacher, school administrator, and homesteader in Custer, Grant, and Loup Counties. This collection relates to his career in education and to homesteading. This collection consists of photographic prints, 1893-1908 and undated. Hawthorne taught at Mrrna, Sargent, Loup City, Broken Bow, and Hyannis, Nebraska. These photographs document his teaching career and include a variety of class photos. Also included are images of horseback riding, picnicking, and the Sears store in Hyannis.

RG2134.PH - Collection, Photograph

The Kinkaid Homestead Law of 1904 and the opening of the abandoned Fort Niobrara Military Reservation in late 1913 brought large numbers of people to the central plains of Nebraska. This collection contains photographs depicting the crowds that were drawn to the area for these events. This collection contains four photographic prints of large groups of people standing in line to acquire land. One shows the city street of Broken Bow, Nebraska, when it was still unpaved and muddy, ca.1913. Visible in the background are tents, buildings, and hopeful land owners waiting their turn to claim land. Of special interest is the photograph of Hazel Graham, the first woman to register at the Fort Niob

RG2334.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 18 photographs; I.P. "Print" Olive was a cattleman in Custer County, Nebraska, who was tried for the murder of homesteaders Luther Mitchell and Ami Ketchum. This collection relates to events surrounding the murder and trial. This collection consists of photographic prints, ca.1878-1879 and undated. Many of the photographs are staged scenes depicting I.P. Olive and his fellow cowboys intercepting and hanging Luther Mitchell and Ami Ketchum. Also included are photographs of Olive; Frederick Fisher and other cowboys linked to Olive; the grand jury from Olive's 1879 trial; and Mitchell's and Ketchum's remains.

RG2451.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 54 photographs; The Resettlement Administration was a New Deal program created to assist tenant farmers across the United States. This collection consists of photographs related to the Resettlement Administration in Nebraska and to agriculture during the Great Depression. This collection consists of photographic prints, 1930s. The photographs relate to the Resettlement Administration in Nebraska and show farms and farm families from locations throughout the state. Photographs of dust storms and drifts of dust are also included.

RG2574.PH - Collection, Photograph

The George Washington Southard homestead was located in Custer County near Calloway, Nebraska. This collection contains photographs of the Southard sod house and members of the Southard family. This collection consists of seven photographic prints of the Southard homestead, ca.1880s. Included are photographs of the Southard's sod house and portraits of George and Amanda Southard.

RG2608.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection relates to Solomon D. Butcher's work as a photographer and to settlers in Nebraska's Sandhills. This collection consists of glass plate negatives, photographic prints, and postcards taken primarily in Custer County, Nebraska. These photographs depict settlers in the Nebraska Sandhills between 1886 and 1910. Of particular interest are the numerous images of sod houses and other structures built by the settlers. Personal items are highlighted in photographs and offer insight into life on the Great Plains at the turn of the century.

RG2760.PH - Collection, Photograph

The history of the Milldale Ranch Company began in 1884 when Charles Stewart invested in grazing land in western Nebraska. Charles was the son of John Stewart, a prominent Council Bluffs, Iowa, businessman. The ranching interests in Logan, Arthur, and McPherson counties were chartered as an Iowa corporation with the name of Milldale Farm and Livestock Improvement Company, Ltd. This collection relates to the business activities of the Milldale Farm and Livestock Improvement Company, Ltd. And the Milldale Ranch Company. Photographs include images of calves being branded on various ranches of the Milldale Company. This collection consists of twenty photographic prints showing various aspects

RG2818.PH - Collection, Photograph

10 photographs; Dan Haskell established the Whitewater Ranch in Custer County, Nebraska. This collection relates to the ranch and the Haskell family. This collection consists of photographic prints, 1879-1902 and undated. Photographs show the ranch, home, and buildings and include a photograph of calves penned for weaning. There are also photographs of Haskell family members.

RG3139.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection consists of photographs depicting major winter storms in Nebraska. Many of the photos show the aftermath of the blizzard of 1949. Included are images of the devastation to livestock and the equipment used to dig out of the snow. This collection consists of photographic prints of houses, farms, and roads under many feet of snow. Photographs show bulldozers and trains with large blades attempting to clear transportation routes, farmers digging cattle out of drifts, frozen livestock in a field, and people standing by snow drifts twenty feet high. Most of the photos are of the 1949 blizzard. There are also a few photographs and drawings of the 1888 blizzard and blizzards of 188

RG3413.PH - Collection, Photograph

The Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement was organized on January 20, 1916. The purpose of this association is "to gather and compile the history of achievements in agriculture in the territory and state of Nebraska." The membership, limited to fifty, is composed of persons either actively engaged in farming or actively promoting the interest of agriculture. Upon vote of the membership, portraits of individuals are selected to hang in the hall of fame located at the University of Nebraska College of Agriculture, Lincoln, Nebraska. A portrait of inductees is included in the photograph component of this collection. This collection consists of photographic prints and nine portraits of in

RG4431.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 13 photographs; This collection includes photographs of residents and sod buildings in Grant and Custer Counties, Nebraska. This collection consists of photographic prints, ca.1900-ca.1914 and undated. The photographs include images of sod buildings, such as homes, schools, and a post office. There are also images of farms, families, and group activities, including Sunday School picnics.