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Name Fort Robinson, Dawes County, NE

Associated Records

Image of RG1517.PH000011-000003 - Postcard, Picture

RG1517.PH000011-000003 - Postcard, Picture

A picture postcard of a soldier standing in front of an American flag. On the back he is identified as Bill Hart of the 12th Cavalry Hospital Corps.

Image of RG1517.PH000032-000001 - Print, Photographic

RG1517.PH000032-000001 - Print, Photographic

The Hospital at Ft. Robinson, NE

Image of RG1517.PH000011-000001 - Print, Photographic

RG1517.PH000011-000001 - Print, Photographic

A group photo of the 354th Ambulance Co., Ft. Robinson. NOTE: This is not the oversize image.

Image of RG1517.PH000032-000008 - Postcard, Picture

RG1517.PH000032-000008 - Postcard, Picture

The Hospital at Ft. Robinson.

Image of RG1517.PH000078-000020 - Print, Photographic

RG1517.PH000078-000020 - Print, Photographic

The 9th Cavalry officers posing for photo.

Image of RG1517.PH000032-000002 - Print, Photographic

RG1517.PH000032-000002 - Print, Photographic

Building #179, Hospital Corps Sgts.' Quarters, built 1910.

Image of RG1517.PH000032-000003 - Print, Photographic

RG1517.PH000032-000003 - Print, Photographic

The Hospital at Ft. Robinson.

Image of RG1517.PH000011-000002 - Print, Photographic

RG1517.PH000011-000002 - Print, Photographic

An interior view of Ward B, Post Hospital, Ft. Robinson, NE. In the background is Wardmaster H.K. Hollenbach with a towel draped over his arm.

Image of RG1517.PH000032-000007 - Print, Photographic

RG1517.PH000032-000007 - Print, Photographic

Building #136, Hospital & Annex. Built in 1901 (annex in 1904)

Image of RG1517.PH000023-000009 - Print, Photographic

RG1517.PH000023-000009 - Print, Photographic

Blacksmith Shop interior, Ft. Robinson

Image of RG1517.PH000080-000018 - Print, Photographic

RG1517.PH000080-000018 - Print, Photographic

Nebraska Governor James J. Exon speaking at Ft. Robinson.

Image of RG1517.PH000023-000010 - Postcard, Picture

RG1517.PH000023-000010 - Postcard, Picture

Two men & two horses in the QM Blacksmith Shop at Ft. Robinson. One of the men is identified as Ole or Abe ? Oleson.

Image of RG1517.PH000024-000016 - Print, Photographic

RG1517.PH000024-000016 - Print, Photographic

A train of pack mules coming up out of a small canyon near Ft. Robinson.

Image of RG1517.PH000024-000017 - Print, Photographic

RG1517.PH000024-000017 - Print, Photographic

Two unidentified soldiers tie the load to the back of a pack mule at Ft. Robinson.

Image of RG1517.PH000028-000007 - Print, Photographic

RG1517.PH000028-000007 - Print, Photographic

An unidentified cowboy on horseback jumping a fence-like obstacle at Ft. Robinson, with bluffs in the background.

Image of RG1517.PH000050-000004 - Postcard, Picture

RG1517.PH000050-000004 - Postcard, Picture

A polo match on the parade grounds ? at Ft. Robinson.

Image of RG1517.PH000050-000005 - Postcard, Picture

RG1517.PH000050-000005 - Postcard, Picture

A polo match, with buttes in the background, at Ft. Robinson.

Image of RG1517.PH000044-000037 - Print, Photographic

RG1517.PH000044-000037 - Print, Photographic

Captain Raguse, riding on Lou Dunbar, jumping over a tall obstacle, painted to resemble a stone wall.

Image of RG1517.PH000044-000038 - Print, Photographic

RG1517.PH000044-000038 - Print, Photographic

The horse "Jennie Camp", twice a winner at the Olympic Games, then retired as a brood mare at Ft. Robinson.