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Name Lancaster County (Neb.)

Associated Records

Image of M78265-19--L244v-2 - NSHS Map Collection

M78265-19--L244v-2 - NSHS Map Collection

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Image of M78265-19-L244v-1 - NSHS Map Collection

M78265-19-L244v-1 - NSHS Map Collection

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Image of M78265-19-L244v-3 - NSHS Map Collection

M78265-19-L244v-3 - NSHS Map Collection

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Image of RG0881.AM - RG0881 Champe-Woodley letters

RG0881.AM - RG0881 Champe-Woodley letters

The collection consists of letters (typescripts) of Mabel Abbie Parsons Woodley which she sent to her cousin, Flavia (Waters) Champe. The letters date from January 1, 1961 to February 17, 1973, and were written from Oregon and Indiana. In the letters she describes life in the Malcolm, Nebraska, area, and Wheeler County, Nebraska. She also describes her life in Minnesota, North Dakota, Oregon and Indiana. Woodley writes about the family history and genealogy of the Parsons, Waters, Woodley and Meade families, dating back to 1868 in McHenry, Illinois. The letters discuss homesteading, tree claims, social life, religious beliefs, health, etc. Interspersed through the letters are drawings

Image of RG0985.AM - RG0985 Farmers and Hallam Telephone Exchange (Hallam, Neb.)

RG0985.AM - RG0985 Farmers and Hallam Telephone Exchange (Hallam, Neb.)

The collection consists of various records for the Farmers and Hallam Telephone Exchange of Hallam, Lancaster County, Nebraska. The materials date from 1911-1960 and include the constitution and articles of incorporation, as well as business meeting minutes. Lists of stockholders and board members are included. The collection also contains various legal documents pertaining to the sale of the telephone exchange to the Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph Company in 1958.

Image of RG1060.AM - RG1060 Hall-Neal, Suesella "Ella," 1873-1959

RG1060.AM - RG1060 Hall-Neal, Suesella "Ella," 1873-1959

This collection consists of one folder of miscellaneous items relating to Suesella "Ella" Hall-Neal of Lincoln, Nebraska. Included are letters from Della Hall from the early 1900s and 1922 describing family news; two letters from Who's Who in Nebraska from 1941 and 1942 concerning Hall-Neal's inclusion in the book; programs and forms concerning her education at Bennett Academy (Bennett, Neb.) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; and court papers from 1933 seeking an appointment of Silas N. Hall as guardian of Ella Hall-Neal. Also included are rough drafts of poetry written by Hall-Neal.

RG2158.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection consists of photographs showing residents, places, and events in Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska. This collection consists of photographic prints and negatives, ca.1868-ca.1976 and undated; mostly 1870s-1930s. The photographs show aspects of community life in Lincoln since its early days. Among the topics pictured are businesses, street scenes, colleges, homes, churches, schools, and parks. Holidays and seasons are also documented, including photographs of snow storms and floods.

RG2227.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection relates to various exhibits at the Nebraska State Fair in Lincoln, Nebraska, and to various sites in York, Nebraska. This collection consists of twenty-seven photographic prints. Most of the photographs show Nebraska State Fair exhibits of the University Dairy Division, ca.1917. Photographs of the Missouri Pacific Railroad exhibit at the State Fair, undated, and photographs of activities in York, Nebraska, 1928, showing the York train depot, are included.

RG2267.PH - Collection, Photograph

17 photographs; Robert Emmett Moore was a politician in Lincoln, Nebraska, and founder of the Security Investment Company (Lincoln, Neb.). This collection relates primarily to the business conducted by the Security Investment Company, particularly real estate transactions. This collection consists of photographic prints, most of which are undated. Portraits of Robert Emmett Moore at different ages and a few photographs of his family members are included. Two of the photographs show office interiors.

RG2451.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 54 photographs; The Resettlement Administration was a New Deal program created to assist tenant farmers across the United States. This collection consists of photographs related to the Resettlement Administration in Nebraska and to agriculture during the Great Depression. This collection consists of photographic prints, 1930s. The photographs relate to the Resettlement Administration in Nebraska and show farms and farm families from locations throughout the state. Photographs of dust storms and drifts of dust are also included.

RG2525.PH - Collection, Photograph

L. Scoggin was the proprietor of the Pioneer House, the first hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska. This collection consists of portraits of Mr. & Mrs. Scoggin, as well as photos relating to the Pioneer House. This collection consists of five photographic prints. Included are portraits, ca.1870s, of Mr. & Mrs. L. Scoggin in fancy dress clothes. Also included are photographs of the Pioneer House guest register.

RG2581.PH - Collection, Photograph

Dr. John F. Spealman was an officer of the Lincoln City Health Department in Lincoln, Nebraska. This collection consists of photographs documenting various dairy farms in Lincoln, Nebraska, and the surrounding area. This collection consists of fifty-five photographic prints of dairy farms, 1912, showing unsanitary conditions. The interiors and exteriors of cow barns and farm yards are shown, highlighting manure piles, cesspools, and milking utensils.

RG2738.PH - Collection, Photograph

Norbert Tiemann was governor of Nebraska, 1966-1970. This collection contains photographs of Tiemann engaged in political activities and with his family. This collection consists of sixteen photographic prints relating to the political and family activities of Governor Norbert Tiemann. Included are portraits, 1968, and photographs of Tiemann presenting awards and with his wife and children.

RG2748.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection consists of photographs showing scenes from various small towns in Nebraska. Thirty-four photographic prints and postcards showing main streets, schoolhouses, depots, a saloon, street activity, a lawn party, and a parade in several small towns of Nebraska. Most of these photographs are from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

RG3104.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection is comprised of images of early Bennet, Nebraska, taken by Lincoln, Nebraska photographer D.A. Cline. This collection consists of seven stereoscope views of Bennet, Nebraska. Images show a bird's-eye view of Bennet, 1872, a stone quarry; and a grain elevator. Also included are photographs of the 1954 centennial celebration commemorating the creation of Nebraska Territory in 1854.

RG3139.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection consists of photographs depicting major winter storms in Nebraska. Many of the photos show the aftermath of the blizzard of 1949. Included are images of the devastation to livestock and the equipment used to dig out of the snow. This collection consists of photographic prints of houses, farms, and roads under many feet of snow. Photographs show bulldozers and trains with large blades attempting to clear transportation routes, farmers digging cattle out of drifts, frozen livestock in a field, and people standing by snow drifts twenty feet high. Most of the photos are of the 1949 blizzard. There are also a few photographs and drawings of the 1888 blizzard and blizzards of 188

RG3196.PH - Collection, Photograph

P. James Cosgrave was a captain in the First Nebraska Regiment of the Spanish-American War, serving in the Philippines. He was a judge advocate during World War I, a police judge, a county judge, a district judge, and a member of the Selective Service Board. Organizations he belonged to includes the American Legion, the Spanish-American War Veterans, the Military Order of World Wars, the American Bar Association, and the Elks. The photographs document Cosgrave's military and judicial career. This collection consists of 213 photographic prints documenting the life of P. James Cosgrave. Included are portraits of Cosgrave in uniform and the Cosgrave family, ca.1890s-1920s. Many of the photogr

RG3565.PH - Collection, Photograph

Robert Douglas Scott earned a master's degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He taught in the English Department at the University and also undertook the theatrical direction of the "Pageant of Lincoln," a dramatic work depicting the founding of Lincoln, Nebraska, written by Dr. Hartley Burr Alexander. This collection consists of scrapbooks and programs relating to the "Pageant of Lincoln." This collection consists of approximately five photographic prints showing musicians and dancers performing on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln athletic field in 1916.

RG3644.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 98 photographs; William Henry Ferguson was a Nebraska businessman involved with grain elevators, farming, real estate, and other investments. This collection relates to his business interests and personal life. This collection consists of photographic prints, ca.1900-1927, and undated; mostly 1910s-1920s. Photographs related to agriculture, such as images of beet harvesting and cattle, are included. Also included are photographs of grain elevators. Photographs related to hunting and fishing and scenic views of lakes in Wyoming are included. Of particular interest are photographs of Capital Beach Amusement Park, featuring aerial views of the park and photographs of park attrac

RG3767.PH - Collection, Photograph

12 photographs; This collection is comprised of papers belonging to members of the Andrews family of Fairbury, Jefferson County, Nebraska, and the Ames family of Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska. Photographs in this collection consist of group portraits of sororities and fraternities. This collection consists of twelve photographic prints of sororities and fraternities, ca.1896-1900. Included are Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Delta Phi, and Beta Theta Pi. Also included is a photograph of the Fairbury High School graduating class, 1896, with identifications and photos of Ames-Andrews family members in California at Disneyland.