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Name Lincoln (Neb.)

Associated Records

Image of RG0979.AM - RG0979 Emerson, Abijah M.

RG0979.AM - RG0979 Emerson, Abijah M.

The collection contains an account book, 1895-1900, which includes all kinds of home and work-related expenses. Several people's names are mentioned, including E.N. Waldron. There are military pension papers from 1890 for Charles Emerson of Tamora, Nebraska; the will of Charles Emerson from 1898; and papers relating to land sales between the Emerson family and various individuals.

Image of RG1060.AM - RG1060 Hall-Neal, Suesella "Ella," 1873-1959

RG1060.AM - RG1060 Hall-Neal, Suesella "Ella," 1873-1959

This collection consists of one folder of miscellaneous items relating to Suesella "Ella" Hall-Neal of Lincoln, Nebraska. Included are letters from Della Hall from the early 1900s and 1922 describing family news; two letters from Who's Who in Nebraska from 1941 and 1942 concerning Hall-Neal's inclusion in the book; programs and forms concerning her education at Bennett Academy (Bennett, Neb.) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; and court papers from 1933 seeking an appointment of Silas N. Hall as guardian of Ella Hall-Neal. Also included are rough drafts of poetry written by Hall-Neal.

Image of 13373-177 - Napkin; King's Food House USA (founded in Lincoln)

13373-177 - Napkin; King's Food House USA (founded in Lincoln)

A large image of a king's crown is presented in brown and yellow, "King's Food Host USA" is printed on the sign. Brown and yellow diamonds surround it. Below is a series of yellow check boxes with the instruction, "For easy ordering." Each box is paired with a type of sandwich and condiment to allow for various matches. On the reverse the list continues with blank lines for other orders for sandwiches, soups, drinks, and desserts to be written down. Inside, "Aug 1965 Omaha, Nebr. Tom, Julie Bridge, Mike" is handwritten in blue ink.

RG0793.PH - Collection, Photograph

Leila Ball Hallock was a resident of Lincoln, Nebraska, a writer, and a member of the Federal Writers' Project during the 1930s. This collection contains correspondence and photographs of various Nebraska locations collected by Hallock. This collection consists of photographic prints, 1906-1918 and undated; mostly 1910s. The photographs include postcards from various communities in Nebraska. Events shown are a fire in Ord, Nebraska; a recruitment booth for Cotner College in Bethany; and a program in an open-air auditorium. Among the community views are school buildings, auditoriums, and street scenes.

RG1331.PH - Collection, Photograph

On April 17, 1941, six national agencies -- the International Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations, the National Board of Young Women's Christian Associations, the National Catholic Community Service, The Salvation Army, the National Jewish Welfare Board, and the National Travelers Aid Association -- held organizational meetings for the national United Service Organization. On October 19, 1942, a chapter was opened in Lincoln, Nebraska. Between that time and its closing on November 15, 1945, nearly three million service people and their dependants used the facility. Activities sponsored by the organization included a food and information service at the Burlington Depot, a "hom

RG1783.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection contains photographs relating to life in Nebraska. Included are photos of the Nebraska State Fair and Nebraska landscapes. This collection consists of approximately photographic prints. Most of the collection shows the Nebraska State Fair in Lincoln, Nebraska, 1930s-1970s. Many of the state fair photos show livestock and cake contest winners, as well as various agricultural exhibits. Photographs of Nebraska landscapes include scenes of wide open spaces and grassland.

RG2133.PH - Collection, Photograph

This colection consists of material relating to Lancaster County, Nebraska. This collection includes photographs relating to Lancaster County, Nebraska. Most of these show public buildings in Lincoln, Nebraska, the county seat of Lancaster County and the capital of Nebraska. Also included are photographs of small towns in Lancaster County.

RG2153.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection relates to the facilities and activities of the Lincoln Aviation Institute in Lincoln, Nebraska. This collection consists of photographic prints, ca.1948-ca.1960 and ca.1980. The photographs show Lincoln Aviation Institute facilities, including bird's-eye views of hangars and airplanes. Among the individuals pictured are Loren Schmidt and Nebraska governor Val Peterson.

RG2183.PH - Collection, Photograph

The MacDonald Studio was a commercial photography studio in Lincoln, Nebraska. The primary focus of the studio was photographing Lincoln businesses in the 1920s-1960s. This collection consists of over 10,000 photographic prints showing weddings, funerals, portraits, high schools, car wrecks (for insurance purposes), and businesses. Most of the photographs document Lincoln, Nebraska, in the 1920s-1950s. The most heavily used photos in this collection consist of interior and exterior photos of Lincoln businesses, window dressings, and exteriors of private homes.

RG2222.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 450 photographs; This collection consists of images from the locations throughout Nebraska and relates to life at the turn of the twentieth century, highlighting agriculture, recreation, and rural and community views. This collection consists of photographic prints, 1890s-1910s and undated. The photographs show communities throughout Nebraska, in particular Lincoln, Syracuse, and Beatrice. There are photographs of tornado damage in Omaha, Nebraska, and of bands, parades, and fairs. Many of the photographs relate to agriculture and farm life.

RG2227.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection relates to various exhibits at the Nebraska State Fair in Lincoln, Nebraska, and to various sites in York, Nebraska. This collection consists of twenty-seven photographic prints. Most of the photographs show Nebraska State Fair exhibits of the University Dairy Division, ca.1917. Photographs of the Missouri Pacific Railroad exhibit at the State Fair, undated, and photographs of activities in York, Nebraska, 1928, showing the York train depot, are included.

RG2267.PH - Collection, Photograph

17 photographs; Robert Emmett Moore was a politician in Lincoln, Nebraska, and founder of the Security Investment Company (Lincoln, Neb.). This collection relates primarily to the business conducted by the Security Investment Company, particularly real estate transactions. This collection consists of photographic prints, most of which are undated. Portraits of Robert Emmett Moore at different ages and a few photographs of his family members are included. Two of the photographs show office interiors.

RG2276.PH - Collection, Photograph

Frank Morrison was governor of Nebraska, 1960-1966. The bulk of this collection consists of photographs documenting Governor Morrison participating in activities at the Missouri River Basin office in Lincoln, Nebraska. This collection consists of four photographic prints showing Governor Frank Morrison and Senator Ross Rasmussen dedicating the planting of native grasses and trees at a memorial to Dodge County pioneers. Photographs also show Governor Morrison at the Missouri River Basin office, 1963. Also included is a photograph of Frank and Maxine Morrison, 2003.

RG2285.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 730 photographs; This collection relates to the family life, work, and travels of the Bruner family of West Point, Nebraska, and to the DeBell family of Rosebud, South Dakota. This collection consists of photographic prints and cased photos, ca.1853-ca.1935 and 1961; mostly 1880s-1900s. Included are photographs of the Bruner family, home, and ranch in West Point, Nebraska; the DeBell family, home, and trading store in Rosebud, South Dakota; and various buildings in Lincoln, Nebraska. There are also photographs of Native Americans from the Rosebud Reservation; landscapes in south Dakota and Nebraska; and family activities such as travels and celebrations. Among the other subje

RG2307.PH - Collection, Photograph

7 photographs; Jay Nicolls was known as "the Bull Driver" for using cattle for plowing gardens and for pulling his homemade mobile home. This collection shows Nicolls outside his home and at work. This collection consists of photographic prints and negatives, 1941. The photographs show Nicolls with his team of cattle and plowing garden plots in Lincoln, Nebraska. There is also a photograph showing his homemade mobile home.

RG2377.PH - Collection, Photograph

Ernest Bert Perry graduated from the University of Nebraska College of Law in 1899 and practiced law in Cambridge and Lincoln, Nebraska. He also served in the Nebraska House of Representatives from 1903-1907 and was appointed as the United States government's commissioner on the U.S.-Mexican Claims Commission in 1924. Perry made an unsuccessful run for the congressional seat from Nebraska's first district in 1936. This collection contains material relating to Perry's activities as a lawyer, a district judge, American Commissioner to the U.S.-Mexican Claims Commission, and to his congressional campaign of 1936. Photographs in this collection include identified groups and family members. Thi

RG2430.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection relates to railroads in Nebraska. This collection consists of photographic prints, 1870s-1912 and undated. The photographs relate to railroads in Nebraska and include views of specific trains, railroad passes, railroad accidents, trains stuck in snow, train stations, and railroad crews.

RG2525.PH - Collection, Photograph

L. Scoggin was the proprietor of the Pioneer House, the first hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska. This collection consists of portraits of Mr. & Mrs. Scoggin, as well as photos relating to the Pioneer House. This collection consists of five photographic prints. Included are portraits, ca.1870s, of Mr. & Mrs. L. Scoggin in fancy dress clothes. Also included are photographs of the Pioneer House guest register.

RG2581.PH - Collection, Photograph

Dr. John F. Spealman was an officer of the Lincoln City Health Department in Lincoln, Nebraska. This collection consists of photographs documenting various dairy farms in Lincoln, Nebraska, and the surrounding area. This collection consists of fifty-five photographic prints of dairy farms, 1912, showing unsanitary conditions. The interiors and exteriors of cow barns and farm yards are shown, highlighting manure piles, cesspools, and milking utensils.

RG2602.PH - Collection, Photograph

11 photographs; Hazel Gertrude Kinscella was a professor of music at the University of Nebraska. She originated the Kinscella method of teaching piano. This collection relates to Kinscella's career and family life, and to music education in particular. This collection consists of photographic prints, 1916-1919 and undated. Four of the photographs show a man and woman inside a home performing various cooking and cleaning chores. Also included are photographs of Hazel Gertrude Kinscella, Willard Kimball, Leopold Godowky, and Kinscella's grandfather.