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Name Lincoln (Neb.)

Associated Records

RG3512.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 87 photographs; John David Brady attended Lincoln Normal University in 1892 and 1897. During the Spanish-American War, Brady served in the Philippines as a private with the 1st Nebraska Regiment. This collection relates primarily to Brady's life, education, experiences in the Spanish-American War, and the Lincoln Normal University. This collection consists of photographic prints and negatives, 1880s-1925; mostly 1890s-1900s. The photographs relate primarily to the Spanish-American War and to Lincoln Normal University. Included are images of military action, buildings, and scenes from the Philippines.

RG3565.PH - Collection, Photograph

Robert Douglas Scott earned a master's degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He taught in the English Department at the University and also undertook the theatrical direction of the "Pageant of Lincoln," a dramatic work depicting the founding of Lincoln, Nebraska, written by Dr. Hartley Burr Alexander. This collection consists of scrapbooks and programs relating to the "Pageant of Lincoln." This collection consists of approximately five photographic prints showing musicians and dancers performing on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln athletic field in 1916.

RG3583.PH - Collection, Photograph

3 photographs; Lincoln Frost was a judge in Nebraska's third district, was an advocate of prison reform, and was also interested in various social problems, particularly those involving youth. This collection relates primarily to Frost's career as a judge and his work on prison reform and the juvenile court system. This collection consists of photographic prints, 1920 and undated. Included are two photographs of unidentified groups, one of which is taken in front of a two-story house. There is also a postcard with Lincoln Frost's portrait and the message "Lincoln Frost for District Judge."

RG3634.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 108 photographs; Charles C. Harms was a Methodist minister who worked with the Second Methodist Episcopal Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, and with the West German Methodist Conference. This collection documents Harms's work, the Methodist church, and Germans in Lincoln, Nebraska. This collection consists of photographic prints and negatives, 1870s-1940s. Many of the photographs relate to the Methodist church, including images of bishops, clergy, the Second Methodist Episcopal Church (Lincoln, Neb.), and the First German Methodist Episcopal Church (Lincoln, Neb.). Other photographs show families, men and women, and groups. Two photographs relate to the _Lincoln Reie Prisse_, a Ge

RG3644.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 98 photographs; William Henry Ferguson was a Nebraska businessman involved with grain elevators, farming, real estate, and other investments. This collection relates to his business interests and personal life. This collection consists of photographic prints, ca.1900-1927, and undated; mostly 1910s-1920s. Photographs related to agriculture, such as images of beet harvesting and cattle, are included. Also included are photographs of grain elevators. Photographs related to hunting and fishing and scenic views of lakes in Wyoming are included. Of particular interest are photographs of Capital Beach Amusement Park, featuring aerial views of the park and photographs of park attrac

RG3767.PH - Collection, Photograph

12 photographs; This collection is comprised of papers belonging to members of the Andrews family of Fairbury, Jefferson County, Nebraska, and the Ames family of Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska. Photographs in this collection consist of group portraits of sororities and fraternities. This collection consists of twelve photographic prints of sororities and fraternities, ca.1896-1900. Included are Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Delta Phi, and Beta Theta Pi. Also included is a photograph of the Fairbury High School graduating class, 1896, with identifications and photos of Ames-Andrews family members in California at Disneyland.

RG3843.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection is comprised of photographs documenting hospitals in Omaha, Lincoln, and Kearney, Nebraska. This collection consists of fourteen colored postcards of various hospitals in Nebraska. Included are Bryan Memorial Hospital in Lincoln, ca.1930s; the State Hospital in Kearney; and Omaha General Hospital in Omaha, 1909.

RG3856.PH - Collection, Photograph

This collection is comprised of photographs relating to the activities of Charles G. Dawes, vice-president of the United States, 1925-1929. This collection of eight photographic prints includes a portrait of Charles Gates Dawes in hunting clothes, as well as a photo at the University of Nebraska stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska, 1924.

RG3906.PH - Collection, Photograph

Clarence C. Duffield was a traveling salesman based in Lincoln, Nebraska. This collection is comprised of photographs documenting various subjects in Lincoln and throughout the state of Nebraska and the United States. This collection consists of approximately eighty photographic prints. Shown are the Invader Oil and Refining Company in Texas, ca.1910; Native Americans with tipis and horses, ca.1890; steam-powered threshing equipment, ca.1880; women working in various shops; parades and floats; and miscellaneous groups.

RG3926.PH - Collection, Photograph

Fenton B. Fleming was born in Athol, Kansas. He attended Kansas State College and moved to Lincoln in 1903. Fleming was active in the commercial and political life of Lincoln. He operated a jewelry store in Lincoln for nineteen years and was mayor for two years. This collection relates to Fleming's political and professional careers, as well as to his personal life. In addition to correspondence and business records, there are family photographs and amateur film footage from the 1920s. This collection consists of over 150 photographic prints of Fleming's daughter, Geraldine, at different ages. Group photographs relating to Fleming's political career and Masonic activities are included, as

RG3936.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 730 photographs; This collection relates to Thomas Berger Johnson's work as an artist, including research on themes and subjects of his creations. This collection consists of photographic prints and negatives related to the artwork of Thomas Berger Johnson. Images of some of Johnson's work, such as spiritually themed pictures and metal creations, are included. Many of the photographs are of subject matter portrayed in Johnson's art. Trees, rock formations, lakes, mountains, and flowers are some of the natural scenery captured in the photographs. The collection also includes images of buildings, including scenes from Lincoln and Seward, Nebraska. Of particular interest are pho

RG3983.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 34 photographs; J.M. Kokjer was a Congregational minister who lived in Merrick and Cass Counties, Nebraska. This collection relates to his ministerial studies and activities, his finances, and various to communities in central and eastern Nebraska. This collection consists of photographic prints, 1920 and undated. Most of the photographs show buildings and parks in Nebraska communities, particularly Lincoln, Nebraska. A few of the photographs show scenes from David City and Omaha, Nebraska.

RG4065.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 400 photographs; In July 1887 the Nebraska Christian Missionary Board was asked to acquire land near Lincoln for a Christian college. Residents northeast of the city donated 321 acres of land to build an institution of higher learning specifically for training missionaries and ministers. Originally named Nebraska Christian University, the school was renamed Cotner College after Samuel V. Cotner, gave a large financial gift to get the institution started. This collection consists of records, photographs, and films relating to the history, curriculum, and administration of Cotner College, and to the activities of its faculty and students. This collection consists of photographi

RG4218.PH - Collection, Photograph

The Fairmont Creamery at Fairmont, Nebraska, was founded in 1884. It was renamed Fairmont Foods in 1948. This collection relates to the operation of Fairmont Foods Company, its factories, distribution centers, employees, and stockholders. This collection consists of approximately 250 photographic prints showing the Fairmont Creamery and Fairmont Food's buildings and employees, as well as the company's various products. Many photographs show the factory in Omaha, Nebraska, ca.1920s, with milk cans on the dock and delivery trucks waiting to be loaded. An early 1900s photograph shows a horse-drawn wagon waiting at the loading dock. Product photographs show packaged items in the grocery store

RG4239.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 25 photographs; Job and Eliza Green settled in Boone County, Nebraska, in the 1870s. This collection primarily relates to the history of Boone County, the experiences of settlers, and incidents in the lives of Job and Eliza Green. Also included are images from various Nebraska communities. This collection consists of photographic prints, primarily postcards from various Nebraska communities. Homes, churches, street scenes, hotels, courthouses, and parks are among the subjects portrayed most frequently. A few of the images show rowboats on lakes in Lincoln and David City, Nebraska. The Nebraska communities pictured include Sargent, Fremont, Norfolk, Stanton, Friend, and Taylor

RG4241.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 70 photographs; In the 1850s John Mitchell Langdon's family settled in Lancaster County, Nebraska, where his father manufactured salt. They moved to Seward County in the 1870s and were involved in lime and brick manufacturing. This collection relates to the Langdon family and to John Mitchell Langdon's experiences growing up on the Nebraska frontier. This collection consists of photographic prints, 1870s, 1900s-1910s, and undated. The photographs show members of the Langdon and Manning families; scenes from Seward, Nebraska; and the interiors and exteriors of homes.

RG4273.PH - Collection, Photograph

67 photographs; Loren Corey Eiseley was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1907. He attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Pennsylvania, where he continued to develop his interests in literature and anthropology. This collection consists mostly of photographs of Eiseley's ancestors. There are a few photographs of Eiseley, but most of the photographs are from the late 1800s and early 1900s, before and around the time of his birth. The photographic prints in this collection consists of formal portraits of people related to Loren Eiseley. Many of the photographs are from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Included is a double-cased tintype of Eiseley's great-grandparents. T

RG4313.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 250 photographs; This collection consists of photographs showing fire fighters, equipment, and stations in Lincoln, Nebraska, and illustrates how fire fighting changed over time. This collection consists of photographic prints and negatives, 1886-1949, mostly 1902-1919. There are posed photographs of fire fighters and equipment in front of fire stations, as well as photographs of fire fighters in action. A few images show horses in full stride pulling fire equipment, while others show actual fires in Lincoln, Nebraska. The photographs illustrate advances in fire fighting technology.

RG4626.PH - Collection, Photograph

Approximately 30 photographs; This collection from former KFAB employee Robert R. Jensen relates primarily to newsworthy events in Nebraska during the 1930s and to Nebraska radio stations KFAB and KFOR. This collection consists of photographic prints, ca.1920-1979, mostly ca.1933-1936. Photographs are of radio personalities from KFOR and KFAB in Lincoln, Nebraska, and KOIL in Council Bluffs, Iowa. There are also photographs of radio stations and equipment, including transmitters, control panels and KFAB's mobile unit. A photograph of Franklin D. Roosevelt's campaign train in Fremont, Nebraska, is of particular interest. KFOR transmitter and Howard Cleaners building exterior in College View

RG4882.PH - Collection, Photograph

Arnold Harold Galvin was a flying instructor for the Lincoln Flying School from 1927-ca.1933. Galvin lived in Nebraska until 1941. Much of this collection relates to the years 1925-1938. This collection includes 113 photographs. Many of the photographs are of the Lincoln Flying School and the Galvin Family. Also included are photographs of airplanes and automobiles from the 1920s and 1930s.