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Associated Records

Image of RG1289.PH000002-000001 - Postcard

RG1289.PH000002-000001 - Postcard

This shows a group of Native Omaha men and boys standing and seated behind ritual objects associated with the Native American Church. On the back, a note dated September 14, 1907 from M.R. Gilmore reads: "This is the picture I promised to send you of the fireplace. " It is addressed to Mr. Frank Cox of Macy, Nebraska.

Image of RG1289.PH000008-000002 - Stereograph

RG1289.PH000008-000002 - Stereograph

This shows a group of people, Omaha Indian Tribe members, seated in or standing next to a wagon. Behind the wagon can be seen a tipi and earth lodge mud home. There is grass in the foreground and open prairie behind the lodge.

Image of RG1289.PH000011-000003 - Postcard

RG1289.PH000011-000003 - Postcard

This shows the entrance and ticket booth of the Omaha Indian Race Track Association on the Omaha Reservation at Decatur, Nebraska. Several people are lined up getting access, others are standing next to fence or on horseback. In the far distance can be seen tipis on the hill.

Image of RG1289.PH000019-000002 - Print, Photographic

RG1289.PH000019-000002 - Print, Photographic

This shows three members of the Omaha Indian Tribe: Louis Sansouci, No Knife & Joe LaFleshe. They are wearing non-traditional, or "white man's" clothing. LaFleshe is the only man wearing shoes, the others wear mocassins.

Image of RG1289.PH000004-000008 - Print, Photographic

RG1289.PH000004-000008 - Print, Photographic

This is the farm home of Jacob Parker on the Omaha Indian reservation. It is a winter scene, showing the house, several trees, and snow on the ground. An unidentified man, probably Parker, is in the foreground standing next to a saddled horse. A wagon, buggy and other buildings can be seen in the background.

Image of RG1289.PH000004-000007 - Print, Photographic

RG1289.PH000004-000007 - Print, Photographic

This shows the farm home of Noah Walker on the Omaha Indian reservation. It is a winter scene, showing a house and wooden frame structure of a tipi. A barn is seen in the background, along with three horses. An unidentified man, probably Walker, stands between two horses next to the house. A wooden fence line is in the foreground, and snow is seen on the ground in the open prairie behind the farm.

Image of RG1289.PH000018-000021 - Print, Photographic

RG1289.PH000018-000021 - Print, Photographic

This is an unidentified family group consisting of man, woman and child. They are all seated on a bed, with the child on the woman's lap. The "husband" doesn't appear to be Indian, and sits with his hands folded in his lap. A hat and other items are visible to the right of the photo.

Image of RG1289.PH000024-000001 - Postcard

RG1289.PH000024-000001 - Postcard

This shows five mounted members of the Omaha Indian Tribe on a street in Walthill, Nebraska. Each is wearing traditional clothing, including headdresses with feathers. A man dressed in contemporary clothing is on foot behind the riders. A building and wagon can be seen in the background.

Image of RG1289.PH000002-000004 - Print, Photographic

RG1289.PH000002-000004 - Print, Photographic

This shows a group of male Omaha Indians seated on blankets. Identified as friends of Melvin Gilmore, nine men are seated while two women can be seen in the background. A dog is moving past the camera in the foreground. Also seen are trees, tables, chairs and cloth-like objects dangling from tree branches.

Image of RG1289.PH000003-000001 - Postcard, Picture

RG1289.PH000003-000001 - Postcard, Picture

This shows a baby wrapped entirely in blanket. The young Omaha Tribal member is propped against a blanket covered object in the wooden carrier. The wheels of a wagon can be seen in the background. This is a mounted postcard.

Image of RG1289.PH000004-000004 - Print, Photographic

RG1289.PH000004-000004 - Print, Photographic

This shows the home of Minnie Hamilton on the Omaha Indian reservation. It is a winter scene with snow on the ground. Winter crops can be seen in the background, and a small wooden rack is visible on the right side of the photo.

Image of RG1289.PH000004-000005 - Print, Photographic

RG1289.PH000004-000005 - Print, Photographic

This is a winter scene showing the home of Yellow Fox on the Omaha Indian reservation. A house, barn and other farm buildings are visible in the background. Snow covers the foreground, and trees are visible through the center of the photo. Open prairie is in the background.

Image of RG1289.PH000004-000006 - Print, Photographic

RG1289.PH000004-000006 - Print, Photographic

This is a winter scene showing the home and farm of George Ramsey on the Omaha Indian reservation. It shows a house and barn, with other smaller buildings. A horse can be seen in the center of the photo, and a buggy is on the right side. Snow is in the foreground and open prairie is seen in the background.

Image of RG1289.PH000024-000002 - Postcard

RG1289.PH000024-000002 - Postcard

This shows three men and a boy seated in front of a tent, and identified as being Omaha in the Walthill, Nebraska, area. Also visible are several other tents, some of which are occupied. Cooking utinsils, pots and pans are seen inside the first tent closest to the camera.

Image of RG1289.PH000024-000003 - Envelope

RG1289.PH000024-000003 - Envelope

This is an envelope addressed to First Sargent J.D. Hale, Co. H , Concentration Camp 9, Brownsville, Texas. It was written by Margaret Petzer of Walthill, Nebraska.

Image of RG1289.PH000024-000004 - Letter

RG1289.PH000024-000004 - Letter

This is a letter from Margaret Pitzer to First Sargent Joe D. Hale, Company H, Concentration Camp I.N. 9 in Brownsville, Texas. Pitzer was writing from Walthill, Nebraska, and the letter is dated October 9, 1916.

Image of RG1289.PH000002-000002 - Postcard

RG1289.PH000002-000002 - Postcard

This shows Melvin R. Gilmore seated with an Omaha Tribe man and two Omaha children in front of a tent around September of 1907. The boy on Gilmore's lap wears a straw hat while the girl stands slightly behind an elaborate feathered headdress hanging from the tent. A wooden structure can be seen in the background. The postcard is addressed to Gilmore's brother, and indicates this is an archaeological summer camp.

Image of RG1289.PH000002-000003 - Print, Photographic

RG1289.PH000002-000003 - Print, Photographic

This shows a group of Omaha tribal members seated on blankets outside of a wooden house. Both male and female, a coffee pots, cups and cooking utinsils are seen in front of them. Two of the men have removed their hats which can be seen in the foreground.

Image of RG1289.PH000003-000003 - Postcard

RG1289.PH000003-000003 - Postcard

This is a mounted postcard with the caption "Up to date Omahas" Native Americans riding in car. It shows four men in ceremonial dance clothing seated in a car. In the background can be seen an animal and possibly another person.

Image of RG1289.PH000003-000004 - Postcard, Picture

RG1289.PH000003-000004 - Postcard, Picture

This is a mounted postcard showing winter on the Omaha Reservation. It shows open prairie with very few trees or other discernable landmarks. A few buildings are viewable in the valley, and snow covers the hills in the fore and backgrounds. The farmland is owned by Davis Lovejoy.