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Name Otoe County (Neb.) -- History

Associated Records

Image of RG0707.AM - RG0707 Dunn, William, 1842-1919

RG0707.AM - RG0707 Dunn, William, 1842-1919

This collection consists of one item, a diary from 1865 entitled, "An account of a trip from Nebraska City to Denver with the Ingham and Christy train in the spring of 1865." This typescript of William Dunn's diary records the difficulties faced by traveling in midwinter, including muddy, mushy, or frozen roads; ice-caked stream crossings; blizzard conditions; and exhaustion from being "too cold to sleep." Biographical information on Dunn from published sources is also provided.

Image of RG0946.AM - RG0946 Dennison, William Wallace, 1821-1863

RG0946.AM - RG0946 Dennison, William Wallace, 1821-1863

The collection consists of research material about William Wallace Dennison. Dennison served as an Otoe Indian agent in the late 1850s to early 1860s. The research material consists of photocopies from various sources including Proceedings and Collections of the Nebraska State Historical Society; Nebraska News articles; Otoe County Pioneers by Raymond E. Dale; Illustrated History of Nebraska by J. Sterling Morton; and "Reports of the Secretary of the Interior," 1857-1860. Also included are photocopies of the probate papers for Helen A. Dennison, wife of William Wallace Dennison, and a list of Otoe Agency letters held on microfilm by the National Archives. Mrs. R.L. Spangler compiled the resea

Image of RG0905.AM - RG0905 Munn, Eugene Campbell, 1836-1919

RG0905.AM - RG0905 Munn, Eugene Campbell, 1836-1919

The collection consists of a typescript reminiscence entitled, "Reminiscences of My Life - From Boyhood," by Eugene Munn, Otoe County, Nebraska. The reminiscence documents his life up to 1891. It mostly describes his career as a freighter to Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana from the late 1850s to the mid-1860s. Munn worked for the Russell, Majors & Waddell Company as well as others. He writes about many details of his journeys: daily life; relationships with Indians and with Mormons; weather (including the blizzart at Fowlers Bluffs on April 12, 1862); the land; and the wagon train encounters with buffalo. He also writes about a confrontation with a Claim Protecting Club in 1857 w

Image of RG0962.AM - RG0962 Douglass, Stephen Ralph, 1828-1905

RG0962.AM - RG0962 Douglass, Stephen Ralph, 1828-1905

The collection contains a booklet entitled, "A History of the Life of Stephen Ralph Douglass and Jane Elizabeth Douglass." It tells of their lives in Iowa and in Otoe and Seward Counties in Nebraska. While in Seward County, Douglass was involved with loaning money and dealing in stock. He was a charter member of the First National Bank of Seward. In 1888 he and Jane were instrumental in organizing the First Congregational Society of Seward, Nebraska. The booklet also mentions the relationship between the homesteaders and Indians, particularly in Seward County. Also included in the collection is a sympathy letter from I.B. Ann, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, to Jane Douglass at the

Image of RG0966.AM - RG0966 Dunbar, John, 1821-1903

RG0966.AM - RG0966 Dunbar, John, 1821-1903

This collection consists of legal papers (1871-1873), financial records, board minutes, and organizational papers for the establishment of a school building for Otoe County, Nebraska, School District No. 75. There is also a brief history of the Otoe County schools dating back to 1862. Most of the papers are signed by John Dunbar, who was on the school board in the 1870s. Also included are a list of school teachers from 1862-1871 and a 1913 invitation to the laying of the corner stone for the new Dunbar High School building in Dunbar, Otoe County, Nebraska.

Image of RG1022.AM - RG1022 Gant Family

RG1022.AM - RG1022 Gant Family

The collection contains loose pages from an account book relating to the medical practice of Spencer Louis Gant, physician in Nebraska City, Nebraska. The account pages date from 1868-1895 and include patients' names, procedures done, and costs. Most of the information is very general in nature such as, "visit and medicine....$3.00," although a few more specific procedures, such as "tooth extraction," are listed. A few of the pages show that Dr. Gant accepted livestock, hay, etc. as payment. Several pieces of correspondence written to Gant's daughter, Eugenia Kate Houser (Mrs. William Houser), Nebraska City, by her daughter Fannie Douglas of Portland, Oregon, are also included in the colle

Image of RG1097.AM - RG1097 Howe, James Franklin, 1873-1948

RG1097.AM - RG1097 Howe, James Franklin, 1873-1948

The collection contains a typescript entitled, "J. Franklin Howe's Daily Journals, Lucy Howe's Stories, Other Writings related to Howe history, illustrations from albums, 1900-1946," assembled by James Franklin Howe's daughter, Marjorie Howe Marr, ca. 1984-1985, with additional notes written in 1986. Diary entries kept by James Franklin Howe dating from 1900-1933 make up the majority of the typescript. Through the brief entries he tells of his family's domestic, farm, and community life in Syracuse, Otoe County, Nebraska. Interspersed are notes written by his children, Marjorie Howe Marr, Lillian Lundquist, and Paul Howe, explaining citations and elaborating on others. There are also brie

Image of RG1137.AM - RG1137 Kingman, Hattie

RG1137.AM - RG1137 Kingman, Hattie

The collection consists of one letter, dated March 30, 1863, written by Hattie A. Kingman (Nebraska City, Nebraska), to an aunt and uncle. Kingman comments on her father's health; her feelings about the Civil War and its impact on her life and the lives of others; her being a school teacher; her political views (particularly about "Copperheads"); and about prices of dry goods.