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Name Pine Ridge Reservation

Associated Records

Image of RG0949.AM - RG0949 Riley, Paul Davis, 1936-1981

RG0949.AM - RG0949 Riley, Paul Davis, 1936-1981

The Riley collection contains large amounts of material related to the history of Nebraska and its people. There are four series: 1) Research Materials; 2) Correspondence, 1973-1975; 3) Vertical File Materials; and 4) Miscellaneous Materials. Series 1, Research Materials, encompasses over half of the entire collection. Included here are mainly transcriptions of newspaper clippings organized by subject. Substantial material can be found specifically relating to Webster County history, Willa Cather, cattle ranching, various forts, the Pawnee tribe, and the genealogy of many pioneering families. Series 2, Correspondence, 1973-75, is a small series of Rileyís letters to and from individuals

RG4744.AU - RG4744.AU: Radcliffe, Clayton Samuel

Radcliffe tells about his father's work as a cowboy and trailherder from Texas to Abilene, Kansas. During a drive to Ogallala, Radcliffe's father met and married his mother and they settled on a homestead. Later, the elder Radcliffe was sent to the Pine Ridge Reservation to look for lost cattle. Radcliffe also recalls conflicts with the Cheyenne Indians and horse rustling.

Image of RG1227.PH000020-000001 - Print, Photographic

RG1227.PH000020-000001 - Print, Photographic

Landscape photograph of the Bad Lands on the White River in the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Image of RG1227.PH000020-000003 - Print, Photographic

RG1227.PH000020-000003 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of a large portion of the Pine Ridge Agency in South Dakota. Together with RG1227.PH20-2, it makes a panorama of the entire agency.

Image of RG1227.PH000020-000005 - Print, Photographic

RG1227.PH000020-000005 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of a group of Sioux camping near the boarding school on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Image of RG1227.PH000020-000008 - Print, Photographic

RG1227.PH000020-000008 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of the home of Captain John Long Dog, a soldier and scout. He lived near Green's school.

Image of RG1227.PH000020-000014 - Print, Photographic

RG1227.PH000020-000014 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of buttes in the Bad Lands near the mouth of Wounded Knee Creek.

Image of RG1227.PH000022-000008 - Print, Albumen

RG1227.PH000022-000008 - Print, Albumen

General Corliss states that this is a photograph of a camp of the 2nd Infantry. Corliss was later a Lieut. Colonel then Colonel. His own tent was just to the left of the tents pictured. Taken in December of 1890.

Image of RG1227.PH000022-000016 - Print, Photographic

RG1227.PH000022-000016 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of the Grand Council of the Hostile and Friendly Sioux Chiefs at the Pine Ridge Agency. Chief Two Strike is talking in the photo. The image was taken on January 17th, 1891.

Image of RG1227.PH000022-000018 - Print, Photographic

RG1227.PH000022-000018 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of the 9th Cavalry returning to camp from a drill at the Pine Ridge Reservation. Note: The photograph is a print by I. R. McIntire from a negative loaned by Charles Eason, but it was likely taken by either George Trager or Calrence G. Moreledge, with the negative later sold to Eason.

Image of RG1227.PH000023-000002 - Print, Photographic

RG1227.PH000023-000002 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of the No. 8 Day School, fifteen miles northeast of the Pine Ridge Agency near Wounded Knee Creek at Birdnecklace's camp.