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Catalog Number 11055-2723
Title Card, Political; William Jennings Bryan; Free Silver Ticket
Object Name Card, Political
Description This is an advertisement for a democratic ticket for the election of 1896, titled the "The Free Silver Ticket" which is written in large font across the top of the card split between two lines. Below that is a line with three horizontal diamonds centered on the line. Below the line is the heading "Bryan Electors" with a lined list below. Each name on this list is aligned along the left side and followed by ".............................. X " and for each name there is a new line. The names are as follows: "Fred Metz, Sr., Nels O. Alberts, Stanley Louis Kostryz, Michael F. Harrington, Jacob. N. Campbell, Olaf W. Palm, F. J. Hale, X. Piasceki" Below this list is another heading "State Ticket" and again there is a lined list below. The names on the list are as follows with a new line for each name and an X is also at the end of each line of this list: "Silas A. Holcomb...........Governor X, J.E. Harris ...Lieutenant-Governor X, W. F. Porter .........Secretary of State X, J.F. Cornell..........Auditor X, J. V. Wolfe ....Land Commissioner X J. B. Meserve ....................Treasurer X, W. R. Jackson.................Superintendent X, W. M. Neville .............Judge X, John S. Kirkpatrick Judge X, Thomas Rawlings ........Regent X." Below this there is another heading "For Congress" and one name is listed below, "Edward R. Duffy...Second District X". Then there is a paragraph below this that reads, " Vote for Senators, Representatives and county officers straight. Vote for Amendment No. 1-two judgese elected instead of three commissioners appointed. Two names are printed below, "J.H.Edmisten, Chairman" is right-aligned in the line two lines below the paragraph and "B, R. N. Weber, Secretary." is left-aligned in the two lines below the previous name. The back side of the card appears to have been used as scratch paper. Written in pencil there are a number of nonsensical phrases and words that read as follows from top to bottom: "Doctrinaranism" (written upside down) "g o d d w a d e o . t . a . e . a l g a kelp d . a . e . p . heat e l alga t a wake a e kelp e p" In a second column started almost half way down the ticket is a list of the following words. "tela theo thia thoe thya tiro tyro" and finally along the bottom edge of the ticket written upside down is "o aclundate aacdelnotu" each letter in this section has a small pencil mark below it or above it as if it had been counted by someone with a pencil.
Year Range from 1896
Year Range to 1908
Material Paper, Ink, Pencil
Height (in) 5.625
Width (in) 2.5
People Bryan, William Jennings, 1860-1925
Holcomb, Silas Alexander, 1858-1920
Harris, J.E.
Porter, W.F.
Cornell, J.F.
Wolfe, J.V.
Meserve, J. B.
Jackson, W.R.
Neville, William
Kirkpatrick, John S.
Rawlings, Thomas
Duffy, Edward R.
Event Presidential Election
History This ticket was called the free silver ticket because in the 1986 election Bryan was really pushing for the free silver movement Bryan did not think it was necessary for the United States to hold in reserve an amount of gold equal in value to all the paper money in circulation. Bryan wanted the United States to use silver to back the dollar at a value that would inflate the prices farmers received for their crops, easing their debt burden. This position was known as the Free Silver Movement.
Collection Nebraska State Historical Society Permanent Collection