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Catalog Number 11744-144
Title Quilt, German Evangelical Church, Lorton, NE
Object Name Quilt
Description White quilt made up of 25 blocks. The center block depicts a sideview of a church and steeple stitched in red thread. Above the church red lettering reads "Mc Williams Prct. / Otoe County / Lorton Nebr / U.S.A." Beneath the church red lettering reads "Ger. Evang. St. Johannes. 1885." The other 24 blocks of the quilt have 24 signatures stitched in red thread on each. The signatures on each square are arranged in a circular pattern around a central cloud-like shape. The quilt has white backing and self binding.
Year Range from 1880
Year Range to 1920
Material Cotton/Thread
Made St. Johannes German Evangelical Church
Place of Origin USA: Nebraska (Otoe), Lorton
Used USA: Nebraska (Otoe), Lorton
Height (in) 73.75
Width (in) 70.75
People Aichele, C.M. (Mrs.)
Aichele, Carl
Aichele, Clara
Aichele, Elizabeth
Aichele, George
Aichele, Guss
Aichele, W.F. (Mrs.)
Aichele, William
Allgaier, G. (Mrs.)
Allgaier, Paul George
Anderson, Alf
Ashton, Carl
Ashton, Carl (Mrs.)
Ashton, Graydon
Ashton, Jack
Aufdenkamp, A.
Ayers, ?
Ayers, ? (Mrs.)
Ayers, James
Bade, Lillie
Bade, William
Bade, William (Mrs.)
Barth, G. (Mrs.)
Barth, George J.
Barth, Thelma
Beck, Barbara F.
Beck, John
Beck, Kayce
Beck, Minnie
Beck, Morris
Beers, Gee
Beires, George (Mrs.)
Bentz, Edd
Bentz, Mary
Bentzinger, Ella
Biere, Augusta
Biere, Clara
Biere, Earnest
Biere, Ella
Biere, Elmer
Biere, F.S. (Mrs.)
Biere, George
Biere, H. (Mrs.)
Biere, H.A. (Mrs.)
Biere, Henry
Biere, Herman
Biere, Laura
Biere, Lidia
Biere, M. (Mrs.)
Biere, Willie
Biggs, Glenn
Biggs, Lester
Biggs, Matilda
Boehm, Arthur
Boehm, Edna
Boehm, Edward
Boehm, Pauline
Booker, Lidia
Born, Fred
Bottcher, A. (Mrs.)
Bottcher, Adelia
Bottcher, Edith
Bottcher, Edward F., 1906-1988
Bottcher, Gilbert
Bottcher, Hellen
Bottcher, J. (Mrs.)
Bottcher, J.F. (Mrs.)
Bottcher, John F.
Bottcher, Karsen
Bottcher, M. (Mrs.)
Bottcher, Maggie
Bottcher, Sophia (Abel)
Bredemeyer, L. (Mrs.)
Bredemeyer, Lester
Bredemeyer, Louis
Bredemeyer, Walter
Brehm, Augusta (Wellensick) "Gusta"
Brehm, Caroline
Brehm, Charles Peter, 1860-1951
Brehm, Eda
Brehm, Frederick William, 1866-1965
Brehm, George, 1870-1949
Brehm, Josephine
Brehm, Lillian
Brehm, Louise
Brehm, Wilhelmina (Doermann)
Brinkmank, A.F. (Mrs.)
Brod, Vida
Brown, C. (Mrs.)
Brown, Clara
Brown, Clyde
Brown, Gladys
Brown, Harold
Brown, Junita
Brown, Leona
Brown, Raymond
Brown, Ruth
Brune, Arthur
Brune, Edith
Brune, Eleanora
Brune, Frank
Brune, Henry
Brune, Herbert
Brune, Louisa
Brune, Lucile
Brune, Margerie
Brune, Minnie
Brune, Sophia
Brune, W.H.
Brune, W.H. (Mrs.)
Busacker, A.M. (Mrs.)
Butz, A.C. (Mrs.)
Carlin, ? (Mrs.)
Carlin, Lydia
Carlin, Mary
Case, Percy (Mrs.)
Casey, Edith
Casey, Ethel
Casey, Rochelle
Courtney, Pet
Cox, Ruth
Damme, Albertina Johanna "Tina" (Schutt), 1861-1929
Damme, Alfred
Damme, Alvin
Damme, Amanda
Damme, Anna
Damme, Arnold
Damme, Bertha
Damme, C.H.
Damme, C.H. (Mrs.)
Damme, Carl
Damme, Caroline C. (Holtgrewe), 1867-1943
Damme, Charlotte
Damme, Charlotte "Lottie", 1834-1932
Damme, Charlotte "Lottie", 1897-1957
Damme, Cora
Damme, Edgar
Damme, Edna
Damme, Edwin, 1895-1969
Damme, Ella
Damme, Elmer, 1905-1991
Damme, Emma C.C., 1896-1967
Damme, Erwin
Damme, George, 1903-1987
Damme, Henry H.
Damme, Herman Christopher Heinrich, 1867-1952
Damme, Herman H., 1900-1939
Damme, J. (Mrs.)
Damme, J.H. (Mrs.)
Damme, Johann Heinrich, 1853-1940
Damme, John
Damme, John W., 1885-1919
Damme, L. (Mrs.)
Damme, Louis
Damme, Mary Katherine (Brune), 1876-1960
Damme, Oscar
Damme, Phil (Mrs.)
Damme, Theodore F., 1907-1993
Damme, Victor
Damme, Viola
Damme, W. (Mrs.)
Damme, Walter
Damme, William
Damme, William Fredrick, 1855-1930
Damme, William Henry, 1903-2001
Deautch, Lidia
Deautch, Mary
Deautch, Will
Denesia, Lillian
Derman, Bertha
Derman, Henry
Derman, Herman
Dermann, Carl, 1884-1945
Dermann, Elizabeth, 1856-1922
Dermann, Frank W., 1887-1952
Dermann, Ida, 1890-1935
Dermann, Lena
Dermann, Sterling, 1915-1982
Dermann, William W., 1893-1984
Dermann, William, 1856-1932
Diefenthaler, Wilhelmina (Minnie)
Dierking, Alma
Dierking, Bertha
Dierking, David
Dierking, E. (Mrs.)
Dierking, Emil
Dierking, Hanna
Dierking, Herman
Dierking, Laura
Dierking, Louis
Dierking, Mildred
Dierking, O. (Mrs.)
Dierking, Otto
Dierking, Walter
Doermann, Anna
Doermann, Anna M.
Doermann, F.H.
Doermann, F.H. (Mrs.)
Doermann, Henry
Doermann, Herman E.
Doermann, Olinde
Doermann, Rosa
Doring, Albert (Mrs.)
Drewel, Lena
Eaton, Joel
Eaton, Joel (Mrs.)
Eller, Alvin
Eller, C.
Eller, C. (Mrs.)
Ernst, Anna M.
Ernst, Edna
Ernst, William
Evers, John
Evers, Martha
Fahrenholz, M. (Mrs.)
Fischer, Hattie
Folken, Dick
Frendler, Johanne
Frerichs, Amanda
Frerichs, Bertha L.
Frerichs, F. (Mrs.)
Frerichs, Fred
Frerichs, H.W.
Frerichs, H.W. (Mrs.)
Frerichs, H.W., Jr.
Frerichs, Lulu A.
Frerichs, Miriam
Gillin, C.F.
Gillin, J.E.
Gillin, Sterling
Grieswelle, August
Grieswelle, Etta
Grieswelle, Mrs. Lena
Grieswelle, Willie
Hampel, ? (Mrs.)
Hankin, Anna
Harms, Alice
Harms, Anna
Harms, Arnold
Harms, Herman
Harms, Otto
Harms, Theo
Harms, William
Heidbrink, H.W.
Heidbrink, H.W. (Mrs.)
Heidbrink, Ruth
Heidbrink, Viola
Hickey, I.J. (Mrs.)
Hiemann, William
Holcher, Harvey
Holloway, L. (Mrs.)
Holmann, Harry
Holscher, Carl
Holtgrewe, Anna
Holtgrewe, Carl J.
Holtgrewe, H. (Mrs.)
Holtgrewe, Henry
Holtgrewe, Herman
Holtgrewe, Mary
Holtgrewe, W.H. (Mrs.)
Hopp, E. (Mrs.)
Hopp, Harry
Horstman, Edwin
Horstman, Frank
Horstman, Fred
Horstman, Freda
Horstman, Paul William
Horstman, Ruth
Hunt, G. (Mrs.)
Inslee, Joseph
Inslee, Ray
Inslee, Robert
Inslee, Rose
Ives, William
Johns, Anna
Johnson, Ella
Johnson, Mrs.
Kahle, August
Kahle, Mary
Keen, E. (Mrs.)
Keen, Edward
Keen, Emma
Keen, F.W.
Keen, F.W. (Mrs.)
Keen, Herman
Keen, Lena
Keen, Tena
Koch, L.G.
Kohlhaner, Freda
Kramer, William (Mrs.)
Kreimer, Henry (Mrs.)
Kreimer, Walter
Kremer, Elsie
Kroenlein, Earnst
Kroenlein, Guss
Kroenlein, H. (Mrs.)
Kroenlein, Henry
Kroenlein, Jennie
Kroenlein, Kenneth
Kroenlein, Luther
Kroenlein, Rosina
Kroenlein, Wm.
Kuehn, Adala
Kuehn, Arthur
Kuehn, D. (Mrs.)
Kuehn, Daniel
Kuehn, Fred
Kuehn, Walter
Landwehr, Amanda
Landwehr, Anna
Landwehr, H. (Mrs.)
Landwehr, Herman
Landwehr, Hilda
Landwehr, Lorine
Landwehr, W.D.
Liesemeyer, Henry
Lohmeier, Freda
Markel, ? F. (Mrs.)
Markel, Arthur
Markel, Earl
Markel, Fred
Markel, Harvey
Markel, Verner
Meents, Emma
Meents, R.H.
Meter, Clarence
Meter, Gerald
Meter, Joe
Meter, Mrs. M.
Meyer, Frank
Meyer, Helen
Meyer, Mildred
Meyer, Mrs. F.
Miller, Alma
Miller, August
Miller, Clara
Miller, Edd
Miller, Helen
Miller, Henry
Miller, Mrs. A.
Misegadis, Beatrice
Misegadis, Ed.
Misegadis, Mrs. Ed.
Misegadis, Mrs. Wm.
Moeler, Dale
Moeller, Harry
Moeller, Marvin
Moeller, Mrs. H.
Morgan, Blanche
Murray, James
Murray, Mrs. J.
Nebelsick, Henry
Nebelsick, Henry (Mrs.)
Nebelsick, Ralph
Neil, C.M. (Mrs.)
Neil, Edna
Neil, Norris
Niedermeyer, Louis
Niedermeyer, Louis (Mrs.)
Nieman, William (Mrs.)
Opp, Luella
Painter, Carrie
Painter, Lela
Peters, Anna
Peters, Lena
Petersen, Alise
Petersen, Alvin
Petersen, Anna
Petersen, Claus
Petersen, Harvey
Petersen, Irene
Petersen, Lula
Petersen, Mrs. C.
Peterson, Carl
Peterson, Mrs. Aug.
Phade, J.F.
Phade, Minnie
Phade, Mrs. J.F.
Poggemeyer, Harold
Poggemeyer, Henry
Poggemeyer, Mrs. H.
Poggemeyer, Virgil
Reeg, Adam
Reinhardt, John (Mrs.)
Reinhardt, Oscar
Reinhardt, Oscar (Mrs.)
Reinhardt, Selma
Renkin, Arnold
Renkin, Ed
Renkin, Ed (Mrs.)
Renkin, Eddie
Renkin, Elmer
Renkin, Henry
Renkin, Martin
Rieg, Peter (Mrs.)
Rieg, Peter
Rietsch, Anna
Rietsch, Carl
Rietsch, Elizabeth
Rietsch, Elmer
Rietsch, Maria
Rietsch, Victor
Rinne, Anna
Rinne, Arnold
Rinne, Herman
Rinne, Lena (Schroeder)
Rinne, Lydia
Roeger, August
Rogers, Emma C.
Roos, Emil
Roos, Ervin
Roos, Florence
Roos, Frank
Roos, George Jr.
Roos, Leslie
Roos, Mary
Roos, Minnie
Roos, Dorothea
Roos, Emil (Mrs.)
Roos, T. (Mrs.)
Roos, Ole
Roos, Pansy
Roos, Theodore
Ruenholl, Arthur
Ruenholl, F.W.
Ruenholl, Hilda
Ruenholl, Laura
Ruenholl, F. (Mrs.)
Ruenholl, Walter
Runbardt, Johann
Saul, Adam
Saur, M.A.
Schacht, Anna (Holtgrewe)
Schacht, Arnold
Schacht, Clara
Schacht, Ella
Schacht, Henry A.
Schacht, Herman
Schacht, Irma
Schacht, John
Schacht, John (Mrs.)
Schacht, Louis
Schacht, Louis (Mrs.)
Schacht, Lydia
Schaefer, S. (Mrs.)
Schaefer, Simon
Schaller, F. (Mrs.)
Schaller, Paul
Schliefert, Herbert
Schliefert, Selma
Schrader, William
Schrader, William (Mrs.)
Schroeder, August, 1857-1928
Schroeder, Ben, 1895-1956
Schroeder, Edd
Schroeder, Ella
Schroeder, Herman
Schroeder, Herman (Mrs.)
Schroeder, Irma
Schroeder, Louis
Schroeder, Louis (Mrs.)
Schroeder, Mary, 1865-1915
Schumacher, Alvin
Schumacher, Edna
Schumacher, Elmer
Schumacher, Henry
Schumacher, Henry (Mrs.)
Schumacher, Oscar
Sherstad, Adolph C.
Sherstad, Alvena
Sherstad, C.C.
Sherstad, H.O.
Sherstad, Adolph C. (Mrs.)
Sherstad, H.O. (Mrs.)
Shulte, Frank
Shulte, Henry
Shulte, Ida
Shulte, Louis
Shulte, Lydia
Shulte, Frank (Mrs.)
Shulte, Louis (Mrs.)
Shulte, Theodore
Siepelmeier, Frank
Siepelmeier, Louis
Siepelmeier, Mary
Siepelmeier, Mina
Siepelmeier, W.
Smith, B.A.
Smith, Maxine
Smith, B.A. (Mrs.)
Splittgerber, ? (Mrs.)
Steffens, C.
Steffens, Christena
Steffens, Ella
Steffens, John
Steffens, Lottie
Steffens, Margaret
Steffens, C. (Mrs.)
Stegmeyer, Lillie
Storz, L.L.
Storz, K. (Mrs.)
Swanson, Nels
Tetem, A. (Mrs.)
Teters, George
Thiesfeld, Frid
Thompson, Marsh
Ties, Agnes
Tietka, Anna K.
Tietka, Herman
Tietka, Herman, Jr.
Tietka, Laura
Ulbner, Mary
Ulbner, Rosa
Ulrich, Louis
Van Deberg, Earnest
Van Deberg, H.B.
Van Deberg, H.B. (Mrs.)
Van House, Maria
Van House, Theodore
Van Norman, George
Van Norman, Kath
Van Norman, George (Mrs.)
Van Norman, T. (Mrs.)
Viox, Edith
Viox, Elizabeth
Viox, F.E. (Mrs.)
Viox, Viola
Wacher, Henry
Wacher, Loretta
Wacher, E. (Mrs.)
Walker, Ruth
Warden, E.S. (Mrs.)
Wehmeyer, Henry, 1861-1941
Wehmeyer, Louis, 1896-1984
Wehmeyer, Henrietta Louise Caroline (Koester), 1862-1933
Weible, Cora
Weible, Ed
Weible, Frank
Weible, Fritz
Weible, Frank (Mrs.)
Weiler, A.
Weiler, Amelia
Weiler, Carl
Weiler, A. (Mrs.)
Wellensick, Emma
Wellensick, Frieda
Wellensick, Herman
Wellensick, Marie
Wellensick, Mary
Wellensick, Herman (Mrs.)
Wellensick, Paul (Mrs.)
Wellensick, Otto
Wellensick, Paul
Wellensick, Paul (Jr.)
Wellensick, Willie
Wellman, Fred H., 1881-1967
Wellman, Mabel Caroline
Wellman, Caroline (Holtgrewe), 1887-1947
Wellsandt, Caroline
Wellsandt, Edith
Wood, Charles (Mrs.)
Wright, Alvin
Wright, George
Wright, Lottie
Yarwood, N.B. (Mrs.)
Yarwood, N.B.
Yoder, A.B. (Mrs.)
History St. Johannes Church was organized in January of 1871, in Otoe County, Nebraska. A new building was erected in 1885. The name of the church was eventually changed to St. Johns.

For more information see RG4361.AM: St. John's Parish, German Evangelical Church (McWilliams Precinct, Otoe County, Neb.) at the NSHS archives.

Unverified information with the quilt states that it was given by the church to Miss Minnie (Wilhelmina) Diefenthaler, Missionary to India, 1913 to 1921. As Minnie was born and raised in Shelby County, Illinois; her connection to the Nebraska church is unclear. The information with the quilt states that she belonged to St. John's at the time of her death, but she died and is interred in Illinois.

The quilt most likely dates to 1915-1917. The Damme family was prominent in turn of the century Otoe County, Nebraska. The H.C.H. Damme and J.H. Damme families are listed on the quilt. Hannah (b.1898), daughter of H.C.H. Damme, died in 1911 and is not listed on the quilt. John W.(b.1885), son of J.H. Damme, died in March 1919 and his name is listed on the quilt with the rest of his family. The J.F. Bottcher family is also listed on the quilt. Of the family's seven children, only four are on the quilt. Son Gilbert, born in June 1915, is the last child to appear. Son Harold, born in September 1917, is not listed. The same is true with the Carl Dermann family. Oldest son Sterling, born in 1915, is listed on the quilt. Younger son LeRoy, born in 1917, is not.
Collection Lux Acquisition Fund
Notes on Related Objects For more information see RG4361.AM: St. John's Parish, German Evangelical Church (McWilliams Precinct, Otoe County, Neb.) at the NSHS archives.