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Catalog Number 11640-552-(1-9)
Title Game, Spirograph
Object Name Game
Description -(1) Box
The lid of the box is red with white and black lettering at the top of the cover reading "Kenner's New Spirograph". The box cover also has three photographs below the title, the first a rectangular closeup of the spirograph in use in the bottom left corner. This covers a small portion of a photo of two boys using the spirograph, set above and slightly to the right of the first image. The third, and largest, image takes up much of the bottom right corner of the box and displays some of the designs that could be made with the product. On the left side of the box are three Also included on the box is a list of the contents, written in black. On one edge of the box is an orange sticker that lists the price as $2.97 and another white sticker on a different edge lists the price as the same.
-(2) Blue plastic insert
The insert has 24 indentations into which the various parts of the toy set may be placed. Around the outside are small circles in which one could put the spirograph rings with the inside containing indentations for the larger rings, pens, and the metal pins. Next to each indentation for one of the rings is a raised number.
-(3a-v) 22 Spirograph rings
The spirograph rings consist of 18 clear plastic discs of various sizes and containing varying numbers of holes. Around the outside of all the rings are gear-like protrusions that interlock with similar protrusions in the other rings. In addition to the disc-shaped rings, there are 2 rings in a true "ring" shape with a hole in the middle and 2 rings in a long rectangular shape, but with half circles on the end instead of corners.
-(4a-m) 13 Pins
Each pin has a green plastic ball on one end with a short, metal pin sticking out. The pins appear to be uniform, although some of the pins have been bent.
-(5a-d) 4 Pens
A black, blue, green, and red ballpoint pen are included. The writing tip of each can be retracted by clicking a white extension on the end of the pen.
-(6) Instruction booklet
The instruction booklet has a red cover that reads, "How to draw with Spirograph" between one image above it and two images below of designs that can be made with the product. The booklet contains brief instructions on how to use the product and instructions for 28 designs. The back also has an image of a design that could be made with the Spirograph.
-(7) Cardboard board
Thick cardboard board reading "This is your Spirograph Drawing Baseboard Draw on this side only" in red ink. The board has been punctured numerous times with the small pins that come with the kit. The front of the board is white and the back brown.
-(8) paper 15 with drawings, 14 blank
There are a number of drawings made using the Spirograph on white paper along with some sheets of paper still in opened plastic packaging.
-(9) Instruction sheet
The instruction sheet indicates that individuals should read the instruction booklet prior to using the product and states that they may obtain Spirograph refills through a store or by mailing the company. The sheet is printed in red ink on white paper.
Date 1970
Material Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, Metal
Place of Origin USA: Ohio, Cincinnati
Makers mark "(c) 1967 KENNER PRODUCTS CO., CINCINNATI, OHIO 45202"
Used USA: Nebraska (Richardson), Falls City
Height (in) 1.125
Length (in) 10
Width (in) 13.125
People Brownson, Debra
History Debbie Brownson of Falls City, Nebraska received this game in 1970 for Christmas.
Credit line Brownson Family, Falls City, Nebraska
Collection Brownson, Debra