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Catalog Number 11640-551-(1-13)
Title Game, Board, Monopoly
Object Name Game, Board
Description -(1) Box
White background on box. In black text "PARKER BROTHERS." Blue text, "Real Estate Trading Game Equipment." Then on a red line with white text it says "MONOPOLY." On the right proper side of the front of the box there is a green box that inside of it has a picture of the monopoly game set. Below this is a blue box. The blue box has a white symbol on the bottom with the words "Parker Brothers Inc." In the other corner there are four pictures from the game. There are two blue train locomotives, one facing left and the other facing right. In between these two trains there is the monopoly guy holding money. This picture was put in a red box. Below this is a dollar sign. It is similar to $ but there are two lines instead of one. The $ is green. On all four sides of the box cover there are the red box with white MONOPOLY text. There are also four blue boxes with white lines through them with Parker Brothers Inc on the top of it.
-(2) Board
The board is set up, with the spots to move to along the outside and the cards being placed on the inside. The "Chance" cards are placed by the "GO" section of the board, and the "Community Chest" cards are placed by the "Free Parking." In the middle of the board is "MONOPOLY," in large black letters. There are 40 sections around the board that players can move there pieces on. There are eight different colors that represent different properties to be bought. There are four train stations. There are three places that are Chance, and three places that are Community Chest. There are four places that are taxes. There is one go to jail, and one jail. There is a GO, and a Free Parking.
-(3) Box insert
The box insert is red. It takes up half of the inside of the box. In black text, "PARKER BROTHERS Real Estate Trading Game Equipment." In white text, "MONOPOLY." Above these words are black lines that make a look similar to the one side of the board. In the first area there is a large red section that has no lines in it nor any objects. In one area there is a white dice in the middle of the section with five black dots. In the section next to that one there is a white dice at the bottom of the section with two black dots. In the next section there is a large black dollar sign. Next is a toy car with a black number 3 on the back of it. Next to that is a clear section. Following that is a section with nothing in the bottom portion but in the top portion are two white houses. Next is a section with a artillery piece on the bottom and a house on the top. Following that section is a section with a giant question mark. Next to the question mark is a section with a large white hotel on the top and a battleship on the bottom. The last section is the same size as the first and also does not have anything on it.
-(4) Rules
"MONOPOLY." On the first rule sheet there is a break down for a brief idea of the game, and rules. The idea for the game just breaks down the purpose of the game and how to win the game. As well as some of spaces on the board. In the rules for the game it breaks down all possible rules. Areas covered are equipment, preparation, money, to start the game, according to the space, landing on unowned property, landing on owned property, advantages for owners, landing on chance or community chest, banker, the bank, jail, free parking, houses, hotels, building shortages, selling property, mortgages, an bankruptcy.
-(5) Rules
"MONOPOLY." "RULES for a SHORT GAME." This set of rules are to limit the length of a game. There are three ways of shorting the game giving. One is too sell two title deed cards to each player before the game starts. Another way is to lower the amount of houses needed to buy a motel. A third way is when a second player declares bankruptcy to end the game. The last way giving us to instil a time limit and whoever has the most value at the end wins.
-(6) Community Chest Cards (#?)
The Community Chest Cards are yellow with black text. On the right proper side are the words telling what the card is for. On the left proper side is a picture. There are 16 Community Chest Cards.
-(7) Chance Cards (#?)
The Chance Cards are orange. They have pictures as well as text. There are a 16 Chance Cards as well.
-(8) Title Cards (#?)
The Title Cards have The name of the Title Deed on the top. The color of the section that the deed belong to is also on the top. The price to rent is near the top. The price of rent with 1-4 houses and a hotel are also on the list. At the bottom is the mortgage value and the price for a house on that property. There are 10 color sections and 28 total properties that can be bought.
-(9a-b) Dice
There are two dice. They are yellow with hollowed out black holes for the numerical value. The dice range from one to six.
-(10a-h) Player pieces
There are eight player pieces. There are all made out of metal and are silver. The first piece is a toy race card. The next piece is a top hat. There is also a wheelbarrow. There is a dog, a shoe, an iron and a cowboy on a horse. The final piece is a thimble.
-(11) Green houses (#?)
The houses are green. They have slanted roofs and a button on top. They are much smaller then the hotels. There are 32 houses. They are stored in a plastic bag.
-(12) Red hotels (#?)
The hotels are red. They have a slanted roof and a button on the top. There are 12 red hotels. They are stored in a plastic bag.
-(13) money (#?)
The money is broken down into seven sums. The first sum is $1. The dollar bills are white, with a line design. There is a large black one in the middle with small ones in the right and left corner. There is also a house and a train symbol. There are 40 one dollar bills. The $5 is pink. It has the same design as the one dollar bill. There are 40 five dollar bills. The $10 bills are yellow. All of the bills have the same design. There are 40 ten dollar bills. The $20 is green. There are 50 of the $20 bills. The $50 bills are blue. There are 30 of these. The $100 bills are beige. There are 20 of the $100 bills. The $500 bills are orange. There are 20 out of the $500 bills.
Date 1970
Material cardboard, plastic, paint, ink, metal
Used USA: Nebraska (Richardson), Falls City
Height (in) 10.062
Length (in) 20.25
People Brownson, Debra
History Debbie Brownson of Falls City, Nebraska received this game in 1970 for Christmas.
Credit line Brownson Family, Falls City, Nebraska
Collection Brownson, Debra